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Fort Independence
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Fort Independence is the headquarters of the Brotherhood Outcasts in the Capital Wasteland, located west from the Fairfax Ruins. The Outcasts have adapted the old building to their needs and restored much of its internal facilities. All of the technology they gather is stored within the fort, as are their research findings.

The fort is guarded on the outside by Defender Morgan, Defender Rockfowl, and an automated defense turret. After the Lone Wanderer speaks with Defender Morgan about a job, Protector Casdin will open the perimeter fence's gate and encourage the Lone Wanderer to bring scavenged technology to them in exchange for supplies (see The Outcast Collection Agent).

Getting in编辑

Related quest: The Outcast Collection Agent编辑

By default the Outcasts inside are hostile to any trespassers. If you trade a large amount of scavenged tech with Casdin it is possible to get on friendly terms with the Outcasts. An option to ask about this appears in Casdin's dialogue when enough tech has been traded. The Lone Wanderer needs to trade 50 'points' worth of technology for this to happen - see here for a table showing a points breakdown for tradeable technology.

When you have friendly status, you can enter Fort Independence without being attacked by the Outcasts; however, the door will not open for you. You'll still need to pick the lock (Hard) on either door or pickpocket Casdin for his key in order to get in. Do not let any Outcasts outside see you pick the lock if you want to avoid a firefight with them, even if you have the "friendly" status with them.

Other ways编辑

Alternatively, it is possible to kill Defender Rockfowl, get his key and enter the lower level.

Also, while hidden, it is possible to pickpocket Protector Casdin to obtain his key to enter Fort Independence.

Notable loot编辑

Once inside Fort Independence there is nearly no notable loot until you reach the lower levels. Down the stairs in the room left of the exit door is the entrance to the Basement. Inside the desk within the first room is the password to the wall terminal (normally Hard Encrypted) which opens the Mag-Door; continue down until you reach a room full of research terminals. Activating them adds notes on various weapons, namely the Missile Launcher, Minigun, Enclave Power Armor, Plasma Rifle, Pulse Grenade, and Laser Rifle. In this room there is a Hard Locked door (a key to this is available in the bunk-bed-filled room nearby within an Easy locked footlocker). Through the door is the unique Miss Launcher, a Minigun, Laser Rifle, Plasma Rifle, 6 boxes of ammunition which include Alien Power Cells and 3 medical boxes along with 3 fission batteries in a crate, as well as 3 Mini Nukes on one of the shelves near the Miss Launcher . One box has an Easy lock, and another is Very Easy. There is also a medical lab with Stimpaks and an abundance of Blood Packs across the hall from weapons storage.

  • Strangely enough, Fort Independence has a pretty good supply of Blood Packs - 3 or 4 in the med lab, and more within Weapon Storage - comparable with Our Lady of Hope Hospital.
  • In addition, there is a Nuka-Cola Quantum and a Stealth-Boy in the central room on the main floor, next to some bunk beds. There are also two safes (Easy Lockpick) found next to desks in the eastern section (the offices) on the main floor.
  • In the lower levels, there are several items that can be used to construct custom weapons including crutches, surgical tubing, sensor modules, tin cans, and a paint gun.
  • With the Scrounger Perk, 90+ Alien Power Cells can be obtained from the locked storage room, next to the room with the research terminals.
  • In the medical lab across from the armory where the Miss Launcher is found, there are an assortment of gigantic medical tools, including two gigantic syringes, a giant pair of forceps, a giant pair of scissors, a giant scalpel, a giant bonesaw, and two pairs of giant tweezers that unfortunately cannot be interacted with.
    • Only the tweezers can't be interacted with. The rest of the equipment can be added to your inventory. These objects will retain their size after being dropped and picked back up.



  • At high levels some really tough creatures may spawn nearby, especially if you have Broken Steel installed. You may return to Fort Independence and find everyone outside dead and a live Albino Radscorpion for example. This will put an end to the Outcast Collection Agent sidequest, but you can loot everything you've donated if you wish. Look on the bright side, at least you can resell everything you turned in before and make a lot of caps!
  • It is possible to hack the computer terminal outside the fort (down the stairs behind Defender Morgan) and reset the targeting data for turret under the overpass, which will proceed to kill both Defender Morgan and Protector Casdin, allowing you to take back all the technology you gave to him over the course of The Outcast Collection Agent quest, as well as access to the fort with no karma loss or hostility from the Outcasts.
  • If you trade in a set of normal Power Armor and Helmet, Protector Casdin will sometimes swap out his own Outcast Armor and instead wear the brotherhood-style Power Armor and Helmet.

Bugs 编辑

  • In the lower level of Fort Independence, the turret in the main chamber will be stuck in the ceiling. It will not attack you and cannot be destroyed, even with Mini Nukes. The problem with this is if you have a follower, they may stay and attack the turret (with no result) and will not follow you. This can be fixed by leaving the fort. The turret can only be destroyed by the Mysterious Stranger in V.A.T.S.
    • NOTE *** In version 1.6 the turret CAN be destroyed by shooting at the wall using, for example, a minigun. Just move the cursor around until you find the proper area to fire. (PC)
  • Up at the highway is an Enclave outpost. It is possible that Enclave patrols may attack and kill the Outcasts, allowing you to take the key into the fort with no karma loss.
  • For characters with a low Lockpick skill who are going for the "annihilate all Outcasts" path, when you enter the fort and you can't pick the door's lock, wait for an Outcast soldier to walk near the locked door. Your companion(s) should walk to the locked door and automatically open it, allowing you to enter the first level of the fort. (Confirmed Xbox360 and PS3)
  • After hacking the turret controls under the bridge to remove its targeting system and then disable it, sometimes the turret under the bridge will at first look stretched into the ground and allow you to walk through it, and then if reactivated will appear high above the bridge and be hard to see, even if aiming through a sniper scope. (Confirmed on the PS3, 360)
  • If a raider gets far enough, towards Fort Independence, the Outcasts may accidentally shoot the car, causing it to flame and blowup. Or the same if you shot the car, if you enter Fort Independence with the key that they hold then you may become hostile to the Outcasts inside the building.
  • Sometimes an Enclave vertibird will perform a bombing run and most likely kill Protector Casdin and the other outcasts guarding Fort Independence, allowing the player to loot the bodies without karma loss. Several large explosions can be heard while traveling near Fort Independence when this happens. (Confirmed on the Xbox360)
  • Defenders Morgan and Rockfowl will respawn, after you've killed them right next to their corpses. This glitch applies to several of the unnamed Outcasts, this glitch is good for repairing Outcast Power Power Armor. ( Confirmed on several Xbox 360's)


Fort Independence appears only in Fallout 3.