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關於the Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics weapon,參見L30 Gatling Laser
Gatling Laser

The Gatling Laser in Fallout 3, is the most advanced weapon type for the Big Guns skill. It is similar to the minigun, as the only major differences are the fact it fires lasers instead of bullets, and of course the obvious appearance differences.


The Gatling Laser is actually not a Gatling weapon as the barrels do not rotate when it fires. Instead, the barrels fire in a rotating order. However, the animation for this firing makes it appear very random and haphazard.

  • At long range the weapon is actually an incredibly accurate weapon, this is without V.A.T.S., in V.A.T.S. it is a very poor weapon. One can easily take out any threat at a safe distance with a gatling laser though. This editor, however, found it to be an incredibly powerful weapon in V.A.T.S. as well; when venturing through the Deathclaw Sanctuary, this editor made easy 3-shot-series which killed Deathclaws from a decent range, and was more effective than the Flamer even with the Pyromaniac perk.
  • At point blank range, it actually aims a bit lower than the cross hair. This is easily observable when trying to shoot a corpse's head off while standing on top of it.


  • Vengeance - The most powerful Gatling Laser, Vengeance is also one of the most durable weapons in the game, with 2000 item HP.
  • Precision Gatling Laser (Broken Steel add-on) - While not as powerful as Vengeance, the Precision Gatling Laser has a very high critical multiplier of 4.


Gatling Lasers are most commonly found on Enclave, Brotherhood of Steel Outcasts and Brotherhood of Steel soldiers. These soldiers can be found in areas like The Washington Monument, Fort Independence, inside Arlington Library, Pennsylvania Avenue, and outside the Citadel. It can be acquired from these NPCs either through killing them, pickpocketing the ammunition for their weapon and coming back when they've unequipped it, knocking it out of their hands by shooting it, or stunning (save before doing this) them using the Mesmetron and taking the item from their inventory..

At Raven Rock there is a Gatling Laser in an Enclave Crate behind the energy shield in the last area of Raven Rock. You will notice it on your right as you near the door labeled "Exit to Capital Wasteland". (NOTE: Before you exit!")

With the Broken Steel add-on, Gatling Lasers are also carried by Super Mutant Overlords. The Overlords can be encountered from level 13.


Ammunition for this weapon (Electron Charge Packs) is easy to come by, especially after upgrading the traveling weapon merchant Lucky Harith. Flak and Shrapnel in Rivet City also tend to have a good supply of the ammo for sale. While the ammo is fairly easily bought, it's much more rarely found as loot. Since the Gatling Laser has the highest ammo consumption rate, this can be a problem.


This model of Gatling Laser appears only in Fallout 3, replacing the L30 Gatling Laser known from previous games. Unlike that version, the Gatling Laser runs on Electron Charge Packs and uses the Big Guns skill.

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