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Germantown Police HQ
Germantown Police HQ loc

Germantown Police HQ is an old police headquarters that is under the control of super mutants. It is used as a base from which they raid Big Town and a holding place/processing location for their captured prey.


Before the Great War, Germantown was a town in the state of Maryland. There are also a few terminals detailing the final 911 calls before the Great War. These include a fire, a man who breaks into a woman's house and tells the 911 dispatcher that his wife forgot to take her pills, and a man who tells strange stories about his shoes growing wings and other strange things.

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Notable Loot编辑

Top Floor编辑

  • D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine: Located on the top floor of the Germantown PD in a briefing room to the north in the middle of the building. The book is on the conference table beside the First Aid Box. Tripping over the land mine in front of the table may cause the book to be pushed away from its original position.
  • A holotape with a password (to the computer in the ground floor near Red's cell). The holotape is on a desk with a computer on it, and with a safe on its left side. A mine is on the floor near the desk.
  • A Stealthboy is located in the safe which is accessed via terminal (located next to safe). Look out for the mine.

Ground Floor编辑

  • Lying, Congressional Style: Located on the ground floor of the Germantown PD, on top of a small desk in a room with three rows of short tables pushed together. The desk is in the southwest corner of the room.
  • Pre-War Book: Located on the ground floor of the Germantown PD, it can be found on a desk near Red's cell.
  • Flying Bananas Cant Talk On the ground floor in a locked cell beside Red's cell.


  • Tumblers Today: In the average locked room to the left of the firing range.  (Hard to spot the book as it blends in with the shelf.)
  • Fat Man: In the same closet as the Tumblers Today book, near firing range.
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum: Inside a small room past the kitchen where you find Shorty. On the ground next to a metal box immediately to your left upon entering.


  • Outside the actual building, you'll find several old tents and a terminal on a table. In the terminal are several logs from a nurse, detailing her attempts to help survivors of the Great War, most of them suffering from Radiation sickness. The logs range from just before the bombs fall, up until her final log before she expires from radiation poisoning.
  • On the ground floor inside of the building, there is a large, boarded-up door with light shining through it. It is locked and requires a key to unlock. If you examine the area in the G.E.C.K editor, you'll see that the door leads to nowhere and there is no key that unlocks it. It is the front entrance to the Germantown Police HQ; the outside is barricaded and therefore inaccessible.
  • When going inside the building from the top floor, you will able to hear two super mutants talking about how they will take Red with them, and Shorty who wont get with them, because he will become food.   Once the conversation ends, one of them might even trip their own tripwire for the rigged shotgun trap.

Bizarre 911 Call Log编辑

911: 911, what is the nature of your emergency?

Man: (Excitedly) the wings on my shoes have shrunk and now the moths won't eat my kidneys! When I shake my state capitol it only yields three fairy napkins but how... (interrupted)
911: Could you please repeat that sir?
Man: (Continuing) my banana slippers are like water boats because when the moon winks sometimes it burns my hamster punches... (interrupted)
911: Alright sir, just remain where you are, I'm sending help.
Man: (continuing) and that's how you get to llama school!

The Flying Bananas Cant Talk note may have been written by this person, indicating that he was arrested and wrote this in his cell. This message is also a 911 call record on the 3rd computer on the left in the call center.


  • On the top floor in the southeast section, around the corner from the door to the ground floor, at the intersection of two hallways near a firehose box, on the floor is a violently bobbing human skull. Grabbing the object momentarily stills it, but I was unable to move it. Ungrabbing, either intentionally or by stepping away, returns the skull to its ever-seizure. (Xbox 360)
  • With Brotherhood of Steel DLC. In the Basement Kitchen area, the Super Mutant Overlord appears only as Super Mutant in V.A.T.S. (Confirmed on PS3, PC and 360)


Germantown Police HQ only appears in Fallout 3

Behind the scenes编辑

  • "And that's how you get to llama school" is a reference to a song from the MTV sock-puppet talk show Sifl and Olly.