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Greener Pastures Disposal Site

The Greener Pastures Disposal is located in the northern part of the map and appears to have been a (radioactive) waste-disposal plant before the Great War. It is located northwest of Temple of the Union, southwest of Old Olney and northeast of MDPL-13 Power Station.

It is also the location of a possible random encounter.


Since most of this location is radioactive, it is highly recommended to have a supply of Rad-X, RadAway and apparel that confers radiation-resistance, such as an Advanced Radiation Suit or a Radiation Suit. Conveniently two of the latter can be found in locations on the perimeter of the site (see items list below). This will allow the player to safely explore the area at their own pace. If your goal is only to grab the Nuka-Cola Quantum and/or the Agility Bobblehead, one lone RadAway will be adequate. Fetching either of the radiation suits isn't worth the time it takes to do so, other than to own them for other situations.

  • If you have the Rad Regeneration perk from the Wasteland Survival Guide quest you can spend time here to regrow crippled limbs (although traveling here specifically for such purpose over using a simple Stimpak might be excessive). However, keep in mind that if your radiation status level maxes out (1000 rads or more), you will die (starting from 0 rads with little to no resistance should max out in roughly 15 minutes at this location).


On the slopes northeast of the disposal area are usually a few robots (often Robobrains but occasionally Protectrons). Towards the southwest Raiders might randomly be found making their way across the wasteland, as well as occasional Brotherhood Outcasts. Other areas in and around the disposal site spawn random "radiated" creatures, which might come in the form of Radscorpions, Bloatflies, Yao Guai, or even Deathclaws.

Inside the Office building there may be several Radroaches and Enclave Soldiers with enslaved "pets". They may also be found outside assuming the player has completed Waters of Life.


On the northeast side of the area is a Makeshift Shack (a container with a door on it) that still houses the remains of its previous occupant, the unique Wasteland Recluse, and contains:

  • D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine: Under the bed.
  • Med-X: A single syringe on the body of the Wasteland Recluse.
  • Psycho: On the corpse of the Wasteland Recluse. Occasionally Mentats
  • Radiation Suit: On the body of the Wasteland Recluse.
  • Rad Away: Four can be found in a small open box next to a shelf.
  • Rad-X: Under the bed is a single bottle, and another is in the open box with the Rad Away.
  • Stimpak: Two are inside an overturned bucket on the shelf, and one is on the body of the Wasteland Recluse.
  • Jet: Sometimes the Psycho and Med-X will be replaced with two Jet (proven on Xbox 360).

On the western side of the area is the Office with an Average locked terminal inside that opens a safe which contains a few items of note:

note: The safe inside is now already unlocked on the PC, 360, and PS3 versions.
note: The office is partly radioactive much like the outside area.

South of the main disposal area and Office is a walk-in container nestled between an army truck and an orange & white truck that contains:

Nearby Locations of Note编辑

  • Alien Crash Site: Head west from Greener Pastures Disposal Site and you'll pick up a radio signal that will strengthen as you get closer to what is a crashed alien ship. The alien ship contains one of the most powerful energy weapons in the game, the Alien Blaster, and some ammo for it (Alien Power Cells).
  • MDPL-13 Power Station: Southwest from Greener Pastures Disposal Site.


The Greener Pastures Disposal Site appears only in Fallout 3.