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Grisly Diner
Grisly Diner loc

The Grisly Diner is a ruined diner north of Temple of the Union, home to some raiders, who normally lie in ambush, triggered when you walk behind the counter and get near the trap.


Located east of the curve off the road, the abandoned diner is on the gentle uphill raising eastward. At both entrances, enemies laid several mines. Numerous corpses, human fleshes and gory bags are in the diner. Behind the counter, a pressure plate trap will be activated if depressed, causing the suspended heavy object to swing and wound the player. Various items and foods are placed on the shelves. Exiting from backdoor, a vacant bed is immediately to the right along the wall. To the left, there are some weapons and ammo boxes.

On the forementioned road, there is a long stream of traffic jam.

North of the Grisly Diner is a burned bus with a few items in it.

Notable loot编辑


  • Approaching the pressure-plate trap will spawn three raiders who entered the diner through the back door. If not engaged, they will take seats or loiter.


The Grisly Diner appears only in Fallout 3.