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本文介紹的是the Gun Runners faction. 關於the location knows as Gun Runner's Fortress that appears in Fallout,參見Fortress
關於the location known as Gun Runners that appears in Fallout: New Vegas,參見Gun Runners
Gun Runners
leader(s)Gabriel (2161)
Zack (2161)
Alexander (2281)
We manufacture weapons and ammunition. We've been at this for the last 30 years. But the last 10 have been hell.


The Gun Runners are a weapons merchant and manufacturer faction operating out of the Fortress in the Boneyard. By 2281, they have branches in many areas, including one near The Strip in the Mojave Wasteland.


Originally, they were a normal gang, like the Skulz or the Blades, who had come to the Boneyard from the Hub in hopes of securing territory of their own. Shortly after arriving, approximately around 2131,[1] they decided to start a gunrunning business, having settled themselves in an abandoned factory with functional manufacturing equipment that they used to produce high-tech weapons and ammunition. In addition, the factory was very easy to defend, as it was surrounded by a moat of highly toxic waste, spanned by a single plank bridge. They began selling weapons in 2155.[2]

Approximately around 2151,[1] they had been using their own supplies of scrap metal in their manufacturing process, but since running out they have had to rely on trade with Adytum to support their business. In 2158,[3] once the Regulators began running Adytum, trade between the two groups began to heavily favor the town, and the Gun Runners grew desperate in search of another source of supplies. However, the deathclaws, which had taken up residence in the Boneyard, made such a search impossible. This is where the Vault Dweller stepped in.

In 2161, their leader is Gabriel, a charismatic man, equipped with a Winchester P94 and combat armor. His right hand man is a dwarf named Zack, who sells the weapons the Gun Runners manufacture. When the Vault Dweller cleaned out the warehouse of deathclaws and killed the Regulators, the Gun Runners were free to begin trading regularly with the other groups in the Boneyard. It is unknown if the Gun Runners supplied weapons and armor to the Blades, who would have then used them to liberate Adytum from the Regulators.

The quality of their merchandise, thanks to pre-War military schematics they recovered, as well as dedication to their customers, made them a natural choice for the New California Republic when it came to picking a supplier of weapons, armor, and ammunition after the Boneyard became one of the states of the NCR. Their influence grew substantially in the years and by 2281 they are the biggest weapons merchant in the Core Region and the envy of Crimson Caravan and the Van Graffs merchant houses.

They also operate numerous local weapons factories away from the Boneyard including one on the outskirts of New Vegas. Each merchant shipment is also rigged to explode should anyone be foolish enough to attack their caravan and lucky enough to defeat the guards.


Originally a loosely-knit tribe of Boneyard dwellers, the Gun Runners have a long past in the business that bears their name. They take pride in constructing only the finest, highest-quality weapons and ammunition for trade with the NCR Army (for whom they are the primary supplier, or rather, as Alexander remarks, an unofficial branch) and anyone else requiring a weapon, even their competitors, the Crimson Caravan.

After historic trade disputes between the Gun Runners and other groups were settled, some gunsmiths decided to move north, expanding the operations to New Vegas: a location where both Caps and supplies are plentiful. Their informal leader, Isaac, sees himself as part of a collective with no established hierarchy. They're just hard-working, meticulous craftsmen and craftswomen working to deliver armaments of the highest-quality. Arriving in New Vegas, the Gun Runners established a base of operations that takes advantage of The Strip's outer wall defenses, as well as the high traffic of traders, explorers, and NCR passing to and from Freeside. All business is conducted from outside their highly-fortified stronghold.


The Gun Runners have the ability to make, refurbish or repair weapons and parts, and also have the ability to make their own ammunition. The quality of their merchandise is thanks to both pre-War military schematics they acquired, as well as those made by themselves, through careful disassembly and examination of existing weapons. Their greatest designs are kept secure and have yet to be seen outside the Core Region.[4]

For this reason, they are the envy of their competitors, who constantly seek ways to acquire their schematics and undermine their position. Gun Runners respond with enhanced security, enforced by their heavily armed and armoured guards, operating on a "shoot on sight" policy towards trespassers inside Gun Runner compounds. Obviously, tours of their facilities are out of the question.


The Gun Runners appear in Fallout and Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes编辑

  • The 10 of Hearts card in the Fallout: New Vegas Collector's Edition Caravan deck represents the Gun Runners with two vice grips and many bullet casings.



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