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Hallowed Moors Cemetery

Hallowed Moors Cemetery is found in the Capital Wasteland to the north of Big Town, and to the west-northwest of Meresti Trainyard, directly north of Vault 101 across the river.

The Cemetery is an "easy" walk from either Hamilton's Hideaway, Big Town, or the Meresti Trainyard. There is a ruined cemetery beside a small decrepit chapel, which is now home to Super Mutants and their requisite Gore Bags and human Captive.

Notable Loot编辑


  • The Caravan Merchant Lucky Harith has been known to pass near this area and might get into a confrontation with the mutants that spawn here. If you haven't passed through the area and cleared out the mutants in and around the church him and his party will get killed but if you clear the area the only mutants that he'll worry about are the 1-2 that respawn, but they're easily taken out by him and his bodyguard.
  • Be careful about deciding whether to quick travel here after many game days have passed, because you can get into a fight on 3 fronts if you run away from the building. Around this area, a pack of vicious dogs (3-5), as well as an occasional Robobrain. Its very risky to quick move here so choose the next closest area and move here, or keep your rifle mounted.


Hallowed Moors Cemetery appears only in Fallout 3.