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Hamilton's Hideaway

Hamilton's Hideaway is a small cave in the side of a cliff face in the Capital Wasteland.

This underground complex appears to be an abandoned military or medical research facility. It is mentioned by Sheriff Evan King in Arefu as a possible location of The Family as part of the Blood Ties quest.

Unmarked quest: Caching in with Three Dog编辑

This is the area associated with the quest Caching in with Three Dog.

The cache is behind a locked cell door in the northwestern-most area, behind some rubble. It can only be opened by the key that is given to you by Three Dog.



The cave itself is populated with variants of Radscorpions, Radroaches, two, sometimes three Raiders and has also been know to have a Giant Radscorpion near or outside the raider hideout. Be advised as it is known to be found round some corners.

  • Some of these enemies will be dead when you find them, because Radscorpions and Raiders will fight each other. Also, because the cave is quite dark in most places, even a character with very low sneak skill can easily pick off enemies from afar with Sneak-Attack Critical Hits.
  • Be careful when exiting this cave if you did not fast-travel to this location. There might be a large group of enemies waiting for you outside.
  • Sometimes 3 dead wastelander bodies that may have spawned alive will appear.


Just west of Hamilton's Hideaway, in line towards Arefu map marker, is a small metal shack with a Scavenger.

Notable Loot编辑

In the weapons cache编辑

You'll need a key to get in. See note about Three Dog above.

And maybe (apparently random)


Due east by the river (you'll have to go around the rocks though, but it's pretty close and straight East) is a boat with some crates, a safe, and two ammo boxes. (Large brown boat in the background of the picture at top of page.)


  • You can get the skill-book in the weapon-stash before getting the key to the stash from Three Dog, by firing a well-targeted missile through the gate at the back wall of the stash, maybe additionally using one or two grenades. If you are lucky you also can grab other stuff if it is blown near enough to the gate.
  • Upon entering for the first time, there is a possibility all of the Raiders will be dead and most other creatures in Hamilton's Hideaway will be half dead, having previously battled the Raiders.


Hamilton's Hideaway appears only in Fallout 3.