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Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal


Northwest of Megaton. Its closest neighbors are Fort Bannister to the south, Everglow National Campground and Rockbreaker's Last Gas to the northwest, and VAPL-58 Power Station to the east.


The Waste disposal facility seems to be an open-air dump filled with many barrels of radioactive waste and appears to contain nothing of value within the enclosure, but there might be Alien Power Cells,(a very hard to find item) on the ground outside the offices depending on if this is the spot chosen for the alien random event to happen.

There are two offices connected via an underground tunnel occupied by Radroaches. Inside the offices are a DC Journal of Medicine and a few other notable items. Inside the North Office there is also a Workbench along with all the ingredients for a Nuka Grenade.

Just north of the entrance are the Wasteland Gypsy Village, a collection of corrugated iron shacks and lean-tos surrounding a playground populated by 5-6 hostile Ghoul Wastelanders, armed with leveled weapons. There are three Abandoned Shacks you can enter and loot. One contains a skeleton in a bathtub with a Toaster (suicide by electrocution) and a Combat Shotgun, outside to the right of the building in an open refrigerator is a copy of Tumblers Today. Another contains several skeletons behind some overturned tables (presumably meant as barricades/cover), a copy of Duck and Cover!, a Laser Rifle, Combat Shotgun and a Mini Nuke. The last (and largest one) contains one of the Ghoul Wastelanders and some cool loot including Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor and a Stealth Boy. There are two ammo boxes under the picnic table outside. To the south of this camp are located 3 yao guai. Near the water there is a dock, lean-to, and an outhouse.

The camp does not have a separate map marker, but given it's proximity to the disposal site should be considered associated with it.

Notable Loot编辑

  • South Office
    • There is a Locker in the lower area, and on it are many medical supplies. The two Radiation Suits are located here, one inside the Medium level locker (plus some other things). Getting inside FOR the Suit is pointless seeing how there is a suit literally beside the locker.
    • Radiation Suit x2 (one is inside)
    • Medical Supplies (Stimpacks, Rad-X, and a pack or 2 of rad-away.)
    • Safe with random loot opened by a Very Hard lockpick or Average computer terminal on other side of room. It often contains one hundred or more caps as well as a Silenced 10mm Pistol in very good condition.
    • D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine x1
    • Nuka-Cola
  • North Office
  • The Wasteland Gypsy Village north of the waste disposal has three Skill books and other items of worth. See "Wasteland Gypsy Village".


The name is also a possible reference to Oblivion, because of the necromancer named Jalbert hidden away in the bottom level of the Vilverin Ayleid ruin, just outside the Imperial City sewers exit, early in the Main Quest.

In the southern office there are a pair of lockers that hold a bottle of vodka among two radiation suits and a lot of anti-rad medicine. This may be a nod to S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, where vodka could be use as a make-do cure for radiation sickness.

This is also a possible spawn point for random encounters.