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Jingwei's Shock Sword is a unique Chinese Officer's Sword wielded by the commander of Chinese forces in Anchorage, General Jingwei. It is available only through the Operation: Anchorage add-on. It can be repaired using standard Chinese Officer's Swords or Vampire's Edge. It electrocutes the enemy doing a damage of 2 per second for 5 seconds. It deteriorates in condition fairly quickly.

The Shock Sword is tied with the Shishkebab for the second most damaging melee weapon, right behind The Mauler (unless the player has aquired the Pyromaniac perk, in which case the Shishkebab becomes 50% more powerful).


After completing the Anchorage Reclamation simulation in Operation: Anchorage, a sealed armory is unlocked in the Outcast Outpost which contains several DLC-exclusive weapons and armor. Jingwei's Shock Sword is among the cache, along with a Trench Knife, a Gauss Rifle, ammo, and other items. It also seems to be the only chinese officer sword that isnt rusty at the handle.

The other location for this sword is right at the end of the simulation. You can obtain it by shooting it out of General Jingwei's hand and picking it up off the ground in the final fight of the simulation (see the Gary 23 glitch to be given a clear description on how to obtain the simulation version of this sword).


  • Critical Hit kills with this weapon cause a blue "electric vaporization" that was originally unique to critical hit kills performed by the Alien Blaster and Firelance.
  • Followers will not equip Jingwei's Shock Sword, even if it has a higher damage rating than their default melee weapon. It cannot be reverse pickpocketed to an NPC either. If you obtain a second copy from General Jingwei through the glitch, then followers will equip the version of the sword from the simulation.
  • It has been reported that while holding or swinging the sword will not ignite gas leaks, scoring a hit on an NPC or creature will set off the leak. (confirmed on Xbox 360)

Bugs 编辑

  • It is possible to have 2 Jingwei's Shock Swords outside the simulation (1 being from the VSS Armory). This is possible by using the Gary 23 glitch starting at the 'Paving the Way' quest until the end. To get the first copy, shoot it out of general Jingwei's hand and pick it up, then do the Operation: Anchorage glitch to bring it back to the Outpost. The simulation sword is nearly indestructible and is in full condition. For details on the glitch, see Operation: Anchorage glitches
  • Sometimes, when trying to shoot Jingwei's Shocksword out of his hand at the final battle scene of Operation: Anchorage, he might involuntarily fly up into the air during V.A.T.S. and then fall to his death afterwards, requiring you to reload a previous save if you wish to obtain the nearly indestructible simulation version.


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