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John Henry Eden

约翰·亨利·伊登 (John Henry Eden)是Enclave在2242-2277年间的总统,他的前任是死于Oil Rig破坏的迪克·理查森. 他接收了Enclave的残余力量, 其后在东海岸Raven Rock建立了基地.


John Henry Eden is an AI based on the ZAX supercomputer, located in Raven Rock and loaded with data about American history, past presidents, etc. His personality is based on an amalgam of the personalities of all the past US presidents. Initially, the only person who knew that Eden was an AI was Colonel Autumn (only Autumn could meet Eden in person for security reasons). Before the destruction of the oil rig, Eden was a presidential adviser to the former leaders of the Enclave.

He started as a monitoring system for the Raven Rock base. He slowly became self aware and began to study the extensive archives left to him, mainly those of the U.S. government. His favorite were about the presidents, so he modeled himself from the information based in those archives[1].

The player eventually meets Eden in person, and is given the option to put a modified FEV into the purifier at Jefferson Memorial. Through a successful Speech option, as well as some choice dialogue, the player can convince Eden to initiate a self-destruct sequence (after the AI "realizes" what horror it is trying to unleash) which will destroy the Raven Rock Enclave base, including Eden himself. Alternately, they may either find and enter Eden's self-destruct code or use their science skill to show him that his reasoning is circular and thus fallacious, and again convince him to self-destruct himself and the base.


Eden 说起话来很潇洒, 拥有华丽的语言和乐观的态度;当知道不再会有真正的 "United States"美国, 他只是说, "这听起来有点凄凉, 你认为呢?"而且他觉得这和现状没也什么两样, 美国还会恢复原来的样子. 他在广播上也宣扬他的乐观精神, 希望可以恢复美国过去的生活习惯和文化.他看起来--或者说至少能装做抱怨战前美国政府的无所作为.

正式因为他的性格,从而解释一一方面的他和Autumn上校争吵的原因; 按照Eden的解释,争吵的原因是因为Autumn上校觉得他的做法太过于极端而且他的仁慈导致了他失去合理的选择,"也就是意味着他拒绝的他本来打算用他那特殊的权利——想水里投毒. 因此, Eden给予了Lone Wanderer, 而不是 Autumn上校,要求把改了型的FEV病毒放入净水设施 (那将导致很多人类,僵尸,变种人和其他生物的死亡.而华盛顿特区将得到"净化").


  • John Henry Eden bears a resemblance to both the Master and President Dick Richardson, who also believe only their people should survive, and that the FEV is their ticket to domination (in fact it is Richardson's plan he wants to fulfill, only by slightly different means). More importantly he is based on a conglomerate of previous presidents, essentially a build up of multiple personalities, much like the Master. Also, his screen and the scope on it looks a bit like the one the Master was connected to, though the style of the scope itself is different.
  • If the PC realizes John Henry Eden is a computer through science, the PC will state "I should have suppossed it!".
  • With the expansion pack Broken Steel, when you awake in the Citadel Elder Lyons will reveal that the Enclave's main headquarters, Raven Rock, was destroyed by Liberty Prime (if you had not done it yourself by that time) whilst you were out cold. It can be assumed Eden was destroyed as a result of that, unless he has a backup file somewhere else.
  • If you have the expansion pack Broken Steel and choose not to destroy Eden, his radio signal will reappear after you finish Broken Steel with the looped message as if the Brotherhood of Steel has not yet taken back Project Purity from the Enclave.
  • John Henry Eden's concept is similar to the plot of The Twilight Zone's' episode "The Old Man in the Cave" in which the world has been destroyed by nuclear war and a massive computer is secretly in charge of town of survivors where only one man knows the real truth about the computer. It is theorized that Eden's concept was similarly derived from the episode's plot.

游戏细节 编辑

  • 伊登在Enclave的广播是对富兰克林·罗斯福"炉边谈话"的模仿.
  • John Henry Eden's name also could be a direct reference to John Henry, who in American folklore proved he could drive railroad spikes faster than the best steam engines of the time, at the cost of his own life. Humorously, John Henry Eden is a computer who believes he can be a better president than any human.
  • In Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, an artificial intelligence by the name of John Henry is created, and has unlimited access to the Internet and everything connected to it.
  • It could be a reference to the movie "Tank Girl," where a megalomaniac played by Malcolm McDowell battles the protagonist for the world's water supply. This may be part of the reason they hired Malcolm McDowell to voice John Henry Eden.
  • The name could also be a reference to Senator John Henry Eaton, an early nineteenth-century politician who later served as Secretary of War to President Andrew Jackson.


  • Shi Emperor, 另一个作为人类领导的人工智能 (shades of Cyclops from The Postman).


  1. possible reference to Martin Eden, name John Henry appeared in Van Buren also, at Tibbets design document
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