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Jury St. Tunnels

Jury St. Tunnels are a tunnel system reached through the Jury Street Metro Station.


In the tunnels you will find an assortment of common loot (ammunition, crafting tools, food etc.) with emphasis on Mole Rat Meat and Wonderglue. These two forms of loot are particularly abundant because of a scientist named Ryan Brigg experiments with creating a better tasting Mole Rat Meat. It appears that he (with much distaste) joined the Raiders to further his studies, eventually becoming their leader by paying them for Mole Rat hunting and any Wonderglue they might find. Unfortunately for the Raiders, Brigg's experiments also seem to have increased the aggressiveness of the Mole Rat colony living inside the tunnels, leading to frequent attacks by the Mole Rats against the Raiders' positions.

Unmarked quest: Ryan Brigg's Wonder Meat编辑

In the tunnels you will find Brigg's Wonder Meat Maker. With this you can combine wonderglue and mole meat to get a piece of Wondermeat.

Notable Loot编辑


Jury St. Tunnels appears only in Fallout 3.