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Jury Street Metro Station

Jury Street Metro Station, is centered around the metro station called Jury St. Station. Nearby is Gold Ribbon Grocers, some vacant buildings, and a radio tower that once activated broadcasts in Morse code a frequency named 'Oscar Tango'.


Jury Street Metro Station is due West of Vault 101, one of the closest landmarks in that direction. Directly north of Jury Street is Vault 106, and to the southwest is Calverton.


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Dead Man's Signal编辑

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The manhole cover in the street (just a few feet east of the 2-story boarded-up house) leads to a small Drainage Chamber, this is actually a cover for an old prewar bunker. In the main room there are items strewn and thrown about: of note a Big Book of Science and Pre-War Book and a very rare package of Gum Drops.

There is also a HAM Radio set up, which is marked as 'Oscar Tango', the source of the signals above if you activated the radio tower. It replays morse code signals in a loop, they often contain something similar to, "Anyone out there?"

No sign of the pre-war occupants though you'll notice raider markings all over the walls. Look around and you'll find a switch to the lower level where you'll find the raider's victims, along with the original two occupants (now skeletal). After discovering this you may be ambushed by two random raiders. Raiders may be triggered by picking up the pre-war money on the floor.

Notable loot编辑

Unmarked quest: Jiggs' Loot编辑

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If you managed to complete the computer terminal sequences in the Museum of Technology then the corpse of Prime will appear in a Dot's Diner located near the Jury Street Metro station entrance. On Prime's body you will find his (or possibly Jiggs) share of the loot as well as the unique Xuanlong Assault Rifle.


Jury Street Metro Station appears in Fallout 3.


  • West of this area is one of the spawn points for a Behemoth. See The Bigger They Are... for more info.
  • A herd of brahmin can be spotted here.
  • A Raider party respawns here after a few days.


  • Walking in the area around Jury Street Station may result in the player sinking partway into the ground and "bouncing" back up to normal repeatedly. Also when trying to access the upper hatch of a store, it may exit the player inside the building and render him and any enemy units nearby invincible to ranged weaponry attacks. (confirmed Xbox 360)

Behind the scenes编辑

  • There is no real-world Jury Street Metro Station.