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Kaelyn's Bed & Breakfast

Kaeylyn's Bed & Breakfast is south-east of the town of Arefu on a hillside just below the entrance to Vault 106, and southwest of Fordham Flash Memorial Field. It appears to have been burned down and is now used as a lookout for raiders.

There are two to three raiders in the building or in the immediate vicinity, and another raider on a bridge north-east of the inn. Two to three raiders may also be found below the bridge.

As with most raider camps and posts, Kaelyn's is repopulated regularly.


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  • There is a trip wire trap (known as a swing trap, in traps article) in the front door that causes an object to swing down, this can cause large amount of damage many times if you run in to it or just stand there.
  • The mailbox is a proximity explosive trap that can be disarmed - when rearmed, can be set as a proximity mine or a time bomb. Make sure to disarm it before you leave. If you ever fast travel back to this location, it will blow up in your face.
  • This can be an extremely dangerous spot on the first journey to Arefu, as the sniper near the top can do substantial damage before the player may be able to get within firing range. As well, there is often a raider with a Flamer in the building who can do quite a bit of damage very quickly by lighting the player on fire, or in some cases this raider may carry a Missile Launcher. The raider on the bridge has also been occasionally reported carrying a missile launcher. There is no spot to rest here or a source of water so it may be necessary to return to Big Town or Vault 106 to heal up if the fight goes badly.
  • Caravan Merchants walk right through the area, oftentimes becoming quick casualties in a firefight.