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L'Enfant Plaza can be reached through Hazmat Disposal Site L5 from Mall Southwest, or from the Irradiated Metro, which enters the Plaza through L'Enfant South. The plaza is populated by a large number of Super Mutants.

Points of Interest编辑

In L'Enfant South, there's an office building that once housed the Capitol Post newspaper. The building contains a few computers with the text of the articles that appear on the loading screens. In the basement of this building you find "Gibson's corpse", with a key and a note saying "Search the house!" The house is the Gibson House located in Minefield and the key opens the model house on the first floor of the Gibson home.

To the west of the Capitol Post newspaper office is the L'Enfant Cafe (C). The Cafe has a few dead Raiders, two First Aid Kits, some Buffout, and a Mine Box.

Madame Jealle's (location will mark on map as "Shop") to the west of the L'Enfant Cafe.

Unmarked quest: Searching for Cheryl编辑

A burial mound due east of the Capitol Post building contains Search Party Log #1 and assorted loot, with a message about a group looking for the Reilly's Rangers Compound. To loot the burial mound, activate the cross-shaped grave marker (D).

Notable Loot编辑


  • Just behind the metro station at L'Enfant (not L'Enfant South) there are 2 First Aid boxes, a metal box, 2 empty soda bottles and a teddy bear (most likely due to the name of the area). To get here, climb up the ramp to the right of the metro. Just before it turns to the right, jump up on the ledge and follow it.
  • Players may encounter a Vertibird landing on the central crossroads, which usually results in a major firefight between the Enclave soldiers and super mutants in the area. With the addition of some exploding vehicles, this is likely to result in many dead enemies with minimal effort.
  • Just as the Vertibird lands, if you shoot at the nearby tractor trailer truck it will create a chain reaction (with other cars in area) of nuclear blasts that will take out all mutants and Enclave soldiers. A final shot with a missile or grenade will take out the damaged Verti-bird.

Behind the scenes编辑

  • L'Enfant Plaza is a real-world complex of office buildings, a hotel, and an underground shopping mall in Washington, D.C.

Bugs 编辑

  • Using no clip (PC) or following the ledge behind the L'Enfant Metro all the way to the end (consoles), it is possible to fall through and view a banner that reads Quantum hidden within the building. One can walk around in this building, and can exit via fast travel.
  • If you fast travel to L'Enfant South, the game may freeze after some seconds and must be restarted (PS3)
  • After finding and looting Gibson's Corpse early in the game, he may be found in the same place, alive and hostile to the PC. For me there was very long gap between explorations. (PS3) - This is in fact not a bug, but a fact that he was not killed by bugs before he was encountered, since he is a living NPC that respawns and is killed by radroaches if he is not reached quickly when you enter Office.