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L.O.B. Enterprises

L.O.B. Enterprises is an explorable building in Fallout 3, located in Falls Church. It can be reached by traveling through Grayditch, then to Marigold Metro Station, to reach the Falls Church/Mason Dst Metro, then head east, where it's right next to the Falls Church East map marker. It is divided into three areas: the main area, East Wing, and Enterprises Archives. The building continues to be occupied by military robots after it was invaded by federal security agencies.

The company itself was involved with China before the war, developing a new incendiary sidearm for them (known as Project Zhu-Rong). Rumors arose and subsequently spread of their activities, as one would expect, and L.O.B. Enterprises soon came under federal scrutiny as political tensions rose between the United States and China before the bombs fell. As a result of this, its employees were required to carry low-grade military weapons at all times and received training in the event of a federal invasion or nuclear exchange.

In 2077, shortly after Project Zhu-Rong's completion, the building was invaded by U.S. military security forces, comprised mostly of robots. Most of the employees of L.O.B. Enterprises safely evacuated the building in time, forcing a lock-down of the facility pending further federal investigation. However, the War broke out in 2077 and the U.S. military robots remained inside, keeping the premises secure without fail for over two hundred years since that time.

Notable Loot编辑

  • It should be noted that this building (especially the Archives section) contains a lot of components for custom weapons.

L.O.B. Enterprises编辑

  • Pugilism Illustrated: On a shelf in the store room Northeast of the L.O.B Enterprises entrance
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum: On a shelf in the big office above the boiler room in the L.O.B. Enterprises area.

East Wing编辑

  • Stealth Boy: As soon as you enter the East Wing, there is an open room with a desk on the right. It looks like a mall reception center/secretary area. There are two terminals. One is the security operations terminal, the other is smashed. It's on that desk.
  • Armor Case: In a penitrable barricade of overturned desks, file cabinets, and rubble there is a small crate shaped the same as a standard metal box called, but this one's called "Armor Case". 2-3 skeletons should be around it along with a 10mm SMG and some 10mm ammo boxes. It may contain either Power Armor, Recon Armor, Metal Armor, Combat Helmet or Combat Armor.
  • Pre-War Book x2: Both of them are on the desk by the R&D Operations Terminal but have also been seen in various places on the floor. The R&D room is the first door on the left (not counting the blocked room with a nuka-cola machine) after reaching the top level of the east wing, same hallway as the CEO office.
  • The R&D Operations Terminal is a Very Hard hack. If you hack it, you can read the progress reports on the prototyped pistol.
  • Zhu-Rong v418 Chinese Pistol: East Wing in the CEO's office in a metal case on a desk.(Hard Lock, the key is in the CEO's desk)
  • Tumblers Today: Next to the computer monitor on the desk in the CEO's office.
  • Mini Nuke: On a light rafter in bathroom of CEO office, above toilet on the light.


  • Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual: Beside the employee terminal in the Archives. Best way to get here is to head north from the entrance. Keep heading down the hallway until you see a Nuka Cola machine to the left. Right next to it is a door that will head down to the Archives. Once you enter the Archives, the book will be straight ahead of you right next to the console.
  • Stealth Boy: In the generator area of the Archives past the bathrooms.

Terminal entry transcripts编辑


  • L.O.B. Enterprises has the dubious distinction of having the most Vacuum Cleaners of any location. There are a total of 15 across its three zones. (There's 5 in the entrance, 7 in the Archives and 3 the Eastern Wing.
  • There may be a Sentry Bot inside L.O.B. Enterprises on one of the upper floors. This may be a difficult fight for lower levels, especially considering the confined space in which you fight the Sentry Bot.
  • There is a computer named "L.O.B. Enterprises - Sam Johnson's terminal" located in the main area that appears to be broken yet can be selected for some communications regarding sexual harassment against female employees by Mr. Johnson. To find it go through the right hand doorway on the ground level upon entry, turn right and follow the corridor around and turn through the left doorway and up the collapsed ceiling to the next floor; it's in the SW corner of that room.
  • Strangely, the East Wing of L.O.B. Enterprises is located west of the main building.
  • In the East Wing section, there is a bathroom with urinals, however on the outside of the bathroom it says Ladies. The men's bathroom next door does not have any urinals.
  • Just to the right of entering the East Wing there is a teddy bear sat in a chair in front of the Security Operations Terminal.


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