Lead Pipe

The Lead Pipe is a basic melee weapon found in Fallout 3. It is widely available and inexpensive as a starting melee weapon.


  • Although not a highly damaging weapon, it has a rapid attack, so many blows can be landed quickly.
  • It's a good choice for low-levels, because of it's moderate damage and quick rapid attacks
  • The Lead Pipe is better than the Baseball Bat, having a higher DPS.
  • The Lead Pipe looks pre-used, it has blood stains and grip wrapping.


  • Lead Pipes can be found on random Raiders and Wastelanders.
  • They can found to at some metro stations, like Warrington Trainyard.
  • A nice stash (17, though they are regrouped in a single collectible item, like if someone dropped them, in perfect conditions) can be found in the Mobile Base Crawler's Storage Room, close to one of the middle deck access hatches to the Entrance Bay.
  • A large amount of fully repaired Lead Pipes can be found in the Jefferson Memorial in Bigsley's office.
  • One can be obtained off Split Jack in Broken Steel, if you convince him you are a 'new recruit'.
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