Lincoln's Repeater

Lincoln's Repeater is an American Civil War .44 Henry rifle with a 15-round capacity found in Fallout 3.

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  • Since this weapon is unscoped it does not suffer the aiming bugs that other long-range weapons, like the sniper rifle, do.
  • The weapon can be repaired with a .32 Hunting Rifle and with Ol' Painless.
  • If used in V.A.T.S., this rifle emits musical ringing tones.

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Behind the scenes编辑

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  • This weapon is based on the Henry Rifle, firing a .44 caliber black powder rimfire cartridge (known as a .44 Henry round), although the rifle in the game has a wooden hand-guard, very similar to a Winchester Model 1866, which the actual Henry 1860 did not have. Though the .44 Magnum round is very similar in dimensions to the .44 Henry, the pressure from the modern cartridge would be far too much for the firing chamber to handle, unless it were loaded with a greatly reduced propellant charge; also, the rifle's bolt and firing pin would have to be replaced to accommodate the newer centerfire round.
  • The specific example referenced in the game, with its engraved gold mounting and serial number 6, was given to President Lincoln by the New Haven Arms Company (the manufacturer of the Henry) in hopes that it would influence the purchase of the rifles for use in the Civil War. However, the weapon was deemed too ineffective and heavy for use in the Civil War.
  • The actual Henry Rifle, with Lincoln's initials carved into the gold plate, is suspended in a glass case along with a telegraph machine in the Smithsonian.


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