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MDPL-05 Power Station

MDPL-05 Power Station is one of the many power stations located in the Capital Wasteland.

This power station can be found on the fault-block mountain in the far reaches of the northwest corner of the map. It is closest to Raven Rock (which is to the northwest), and is north-northeast of SatCom Array NW-07c.


This power station is secured by fences and two locked gates, yet the fence along the mountainside is knocked down, allowing players to access without unlocking either gate. Inside the fence lies an old skeleton, the remnants of a technician, a Workman's Toolbox, and various items.

Noteable Loot编辑

  • Schematics - Dart Gun: Near the skeleton of the technician.
  • His toolbox, the Workman's Toolbox: Near the skeleton of the technician (it contains the MDPL-05 Power Station Key to the gates)
  • Dean's Electronics: Near the skeleton of the technician.