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MDPL-13 Power Station

This power station is in the mid-northeastern portion of the map. It is located midway between the Germantown Police HQ and Greener Pastures Disposal Site, northeast and southwest, respectively. The closest location is Minefield, and a short walk to the north-northwest will bring you to this power station.


MDPL-13 Power Station complex is comprised of the Derelict Power Plant that is the earmark of this power station, as one may identify it by its three chimneys, and power substation.

Derelict Power Plant is accessible via the gate or the garage door. If you access via the gate, you will enter the office with a desk and several file cabinets. The office door accesses the room with three chimneys. Inside the chimneys, there are ghoul-type enemies and an automatic turret hostile to anyone, including the ghouls. Climb the stair to the catwalk. The room on second floor is accessible via catwalk and has a locked floor safe. A operateable terminal is on the desk. If you access via the garage door, you will immediately see several lockers and one locked personal footlocker; the door besides the lockers lead you to the room with three chimneys.

The power substation is not protected by the fence.

Notable Loot编辑

On the western side of the complex is a Power Substation that contains:

On the eastern side of the complex is the Derelict Power Plant building, in which you can find:

  • Fisto! (A unique Power Fist): On the desk in the upstairs office.
  • Stealth Boy: In the Personal Footlocker on the floor at the end of a bench in the northwestern room, very easy lock. (the Stealth Boy isn't always there).
  • Note that using the Ghoul mask will make obtaining Fisto! much easier.


  • The Derelict Power Plant building is infested with various types of Feral Ghouls, and has pockets of low-level radiation emanating from collections of radioactive barrels (one pile against the western wall of the large main room, one against the south wall of the northwestern room, and one against the western wall of upstairs office). There are random spawns, so numbers could vary, but there are between 2-4 Feral Ghouls, 2-3 Feral Ghoul Roamers, and 1-2 Glowing Ones prowling the large main room in the building. High level characters (20+) may encounter a Feral Ghoul Reaver, as well as a couple more Glowing Ones. Beware, as some of them (3-4) will be hiding along the catwalk high above you, and one (almost certainly a Glowing One) will be in the upstairs office.

In addition, there is a single Automated Turret above the door to the upstairs office (a room which can be accessed from the catwalk high above the central room). This turret can either be activated/deactivated using the Computer Terminal in the small room below the office, or the generator inside the room can be destroyed to disable the turret if your science skill isn't high enough to hack the hard encryption on the terminal).

  • It is theorized that this is where Laszlo Radford, the bounty hunter, hangs out due to the railway rifle schematics (which is his signature weapon) and if you lure him in here he is not attacked by the ghouls (360 confirmed)
  • The Talon Company or Regulators may ambush you upon exiting the main building, they spawn in the corner with the Trash Bins, a few well placed Mines before entering can severly hurt if not kill them when they appear (however this can be tricky due to the enemies having high explosives skill which significantly increases the detect-detonate delay of the mines).
  • If you have completed the Waters of Life quest when you leave the main building a Vertibird may drop off some Enclave Soldiers to the North in a clearing behind the rocks.


The MDPL-13 Power Station appears only in Fallout 3.