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MDPL-21 Power Station

MDPL-21 Power Station is a small building containing a few bits of loot, located a short distance east-northeast from SatCom Array NN-03d.


It is found on the gentle slope rising northward. It is surrounded by rocks to the north and to the east. An opening is to the northeast, leading to the Oasis.

This power station is secured by fences and locked gate. Unlike other power stations, the power substation here is accessed via garage door.

Notable loot编辑

  • The Power Substation structure here contains a workbench, upon which is a Bottlecap Mine and a copy of Nikola Tesla and You.
  • Also located in the power station is a safe in the floor, which can either be lockpicked (Hard) or opened via a nearby computer terminal (Hard); its contents are random, though it often contains Bottlecaps, Pre-War Money and a Stealth Boy. The safe has also been known to contain various Drugs.

Notes 编辑

  • An Abandoned Tent a full block southwest of the Power Station contains a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum and another copy of Nikola Tesla and You.
  • Also, an elusive copy of the D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine can be found to the north: follow the trail along the power lines, straight north, and turn east at the fourth support for the power lines (the one after the broken one). You will find an irradiated pool (mind the fall) marked by toxic barrels with a shipping crate in the back. Swim through the crate and you'll find a small cave with the book on a desk.
  • The Talon Company may ambush you here, usually 3 just outside the chain gate.  (Or Regulators, depending on your karma.)

Appearance 编辑