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MDPL Mass Relay Station

The MDPL Mass Relay Station is located South of Roosevelt Academy and East of Five Axles Rest Stop.


The station is converted by Raiders into a fortified outpost. The door leads to the computer room with two more raiders (one of them is named "Torcher" and is wearing a unique Raider Arclight Helmet - Torcher's Mask). Beside undamaged computer equipment there is a chemical apparatus, and three beds. The terminal (very hard) on the desk allows to unlock the safe (very hard lock) containing a Nuka-Cola Quantum.

Notable loot编辑


  • The Mass Relay Station houses three of the cleanest looking beds in the entire wasteland. Sleeping in them won't give you any additional benefit but you'll feel just a little bit cleaner for doing so.
  • On the wall next to the entrance is a Brotherhood of Steel banner, but it has been defaced by the Raiders.
  • There are three raiders guarding the power station's exterior, with two more inside, as well as Torcher.
  • Directly to the east there is a marooned boat, inside there are 2 ammo boxes and a crate. There is also 2 more boxes submerged underwater, usually containing lead pipes.
  • If the player chooses to have a headquarters other than Tenpenny Tower or My Megaton House this is an excellent choice given the multiple cabinets, shelves and beds.