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Mentats are a chem in Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout Tactics, and Van Buren.


This pre-War chem was created by Med-Tek. They were designed to increase memory related functions and speed up other mental processes. These chalky red pills were a popular party drug, widely appreciated for their effect on creativity.[1]

Mentats were sold in both cardboard and tin packagings, the latter a bit more likely to survive the nuclear holocaust. They are, of course, highly addictive.



Chem Mentats

Mentats are most useful for characters with low Intelligence and Perception, as they grant a useful bonus for both these SPECIAL stats. The downside however, is that they're addictive.

Grape Mentats编辑

FO3 Mentats
游戏文章: Fallout 3

These Mentats do not increase Intelligence and Perception, instead, they increase Charisma, like the Mentats in Fallout and Fallout 2.

Berry Mentats编辑

FO3 Mentats
游戏文章: Fallout 3

Notably, Berry Mentats do not have the Perception bonus that normal Mentats bring, despite sharing their appearance.

Orange Mentats编辑

FO3 Mentats
游戏文章: Fallout 3

Notably, Orange Mentats do not have the Intelligence bonus that normal Mentats bring.

Party Time Mentats编辑

FO3 Mentats
游戏文章: Fallout: New Vegas

Party Time Mentats are a crafted variant of Mentats made by the player, requiring a Science skill of 50, and can be produced at any campfire.