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Meresti Trainyard
Meresti Trainyard loc

Meresti Trainyard is an old trainyard which can be used to easily access The Family's nest.


Location- three squares east from Arefu.

It is just west from Agatha's house and shouldn't be too hard to locate from there.


You will find several abandoned, rusty old trains outside the entrance to the tunnels. You may have a random encounter here.

Directly south-southeast of Meresti Trainyard is a cluster of homes not on the map. There are 2 safes in the houses, a Tumblers Today (can be found in a bath in ruins of one of the houses), a third safe in the radiated ruins of the demolished building south of that, and some assorted custom weapon parts (leaf blower, lawn mower blade and pilot lights also 2 safes lockpick skill 25). 2 Protectrons (or Robobrains) have been seen to patrol there.


The tunnels leading to The Family's hideout are accessed through the door located alongside the building at Meresti Trainyard. Inside the tunnel are several traps including several mines, beartraps, a pitching machine and a rigged shotgun both activated by a tripwire and a booby-trapped baby carriage.

Notable loot编辑

  • Tumblers Today is sitting in a bathtub in one of the demolished houses south-southeast of the yard.
  • Just S of the bathtub skill book are 2 more demolished houses with a safe in each - (Both Easy Lock). A third safe is in the nearby crater.

Notes 编辑

  • Place of possible random encounter.
  • A group of buzzards continually circles above the entry tunnels which is quite useful for spotting the trainyard from a distance.
  • When you fast travel to Meresti Trainyard it drops you not 10-15ft from a pair of large dumpsters that you can store your loot in. (Helpful if you don't have a house)
  • It is possible you will be ambushed by Talon Company/Regulators here.