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關於the Fallout and Fallout 2 version of this weapon,參見Rocket Launcher
關於the Fallout 3 custom weapon,參見Rock-It Launcher
Missile Launcher

The Missile Launcher is a shoulder-mounted, recoilless rifle that fires Missiles.

As found in Fallout 3, it is classified as a big gun.


  • Sentry Bots have a built in missile launcher (Missiles can be found on their bodies, but not the launchers as they are built into their left arms and lack the hardware to be used normally).


  • Note also that the Missile Launcher will "lock-on" on certain metallic objects, most notably turrets and the heads of many robot types, giving an increased chance to hit even at long range.
  • With maxed big guns skill, on normal difficulty, this weapon will 1-shot-kill all but the toughest opponents. (this is definitely not the case at higher difficulty levels and with more advanced opponents from the various DLC packs)
  • In real-time, aiming at the ground where the opponent is standing will better ensure damage than aiming for the body which can lead to the missile flying past.
  • The munition's ability to home-in is perhaps why it is a Missile Launcher as opposed to a simpler unguided Rocket Launcher. If used in VATS (with sufficient skill) against a fast moving target, the missile quite obviously curves and tracks the targeted body part. Hence the projectiles are clearly guided missiles and aren't just named as such.
  • If the target is above your current elevation, the missile launcher might not be a good idea. The missile may miss altogether, and shoot into the sky, rendering it's splash damage useless. If an enemy is around the same elevation as you, fire at the legs, as stated above. If the enemy is below you, a VATS shot for the head is a chance you can take, for if the missile misses, the missile will explode right behind the target, dealing considerable splash damage.


  • Missiles have a surprisingly high top speed and the A.I. will fire them at the exact spot where you're standing, (instead of aiming for the chest) making it very difficult to side-step the blast radius.
  • Enemies will lead you if you run, your best bet is to slip behind cover, attacking during the lengthy reload phase. Alternately, keep your distance while strafing; the instant they fire, run in the opposite direction.
  • Enemies with Missile Launchers can be problematic, as they will fire multiple missiles, often taking the player by surprise and immediately crippling limbs and severely damaging hit points. Players without Rad Regeneration will want to immediately jump to the pip-boy status screen and repair crippled limbs, (especially legs to make a run for it).
  • If caught out in the open, or in close proximity (indoors), its best to immediately engage opponents with missile launchers, in V.A.T.S. if possible, to minimize your chance of death by dismemberment. Try aiming for the weapon to disarm or aim for the head to stun them. It is important that you kill the person in vats to prevent a launch when coming out.
  • They seem to intentionally hit derelict vehicles, causing even more damaging explosions, and lingering radioactivity.
  • The advantages for the player is the weapon's large size, which makes it easier to shoot out of an enemy's hands.
  • When wielded by raiders, they tend to be in very poor condition, thus less damaging and even easier to destroy with a targeted-shot.
  • Running up close to the enemy forces them to switch to a pistol/melee weapon or even their own fists.


  • When firing in free-aim, some enemies may fail to take any damage if hit directly. This also seems to happen with the Fatman.
  • If you hotkey this weapon, pull out a sidearm such as a pistol and hold the aim button, then pull out the weapon using the hotkey without letting go of the aim button, the missile will be sticking out of the tube vertically. This will not affect the firing of the weapon, it is just a visual effect.

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