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Moonbeam Outdoor Cinema

Moonbeam Outdoor Cinema is a broken-down outdoor theater with a few cars and picnic tables. It seems to be a small base for Super Mutants, staging attacks on nearby Big Town.

This is one of the possible locations where The Family is said to have been seen, but unfortunately it's the wrong location.



Any type of Super Mutant (dependent on the PC's current level) can be found amongst the picnic tables. Nearby a Super Mutant with a minigun and a Super Mutant with a Missile Launcher or a Centaur may be hiding in a nearby trailer. After "The Waters Of Life" quest, there is a chance of an Enclave vertibird dropping off soldiers to the east.

Notable Loot编辑

There is a Pugilism Illustrated on a picnic table in the middle part of this area. Nearby, there are First Aid Boxes.
Just a bit to north there is an old Jetty with five ammo boxes. Two on top of the wooden construction and three on the ground level next to the wreckage of a small boat. Some of these are locked very easy, easy and average.
Directly north (west of hamiltons hideaway) there is a large boat with an average locked safe with pre-war money, bottle caps, a 10mm pistol and 10mm rounds. Also on this boat there is a locker with a stealth boy, a few ammo boxes and crates with ammo.