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New California Republic Rangers
FNV Ranger Insignia
NCR Ranger insignia - star and stripes and the bear and star
founded bySeth
leader(s)Chief Elise (2241)
Chief Hanlon (2281)
Core Region

NCR (formerly Shady Sands)

Mojave Wasteland

Camp Golf
NCR Ranger safehouse
Ranger Stations

Mojave Outpost
belongs toNew California Republic Army
divisionsNCR riot control
relatedDesert Rangers
We're the NCR Rangers - we make the world a better place.

—NCR Rangers in Fallout 2

New California Republic Rangers are an elite outfit of the New California Republic Army. The Rangers are a volunteer special force renowned as much for their shrewd reconnaissance capabilities as their bravery and combat prowess.


The Rangers were founded by Seth[1] after Tandi and Aradesh created the New California Republic and eventually, by 2241, grew to become one of the most single minded and powerful special forces in the wastelands. Forces on NCR territory were particularly concerned with the problem of slavery and actively fought it by any means necessary. In early years, the burgeoning republic was faced by a large volume of threats - from slavers and raider tribes, to roaming gangs and to the Wasteland itself. The Rangers were instrumental in protecting the frontiers, using their expertise to tip the balance in favor of the Republic when numbers and resources may not have been on their side.

Rangers were also the first to scout out Nevada and the Hoover Dam. In 2271, the Desert Rangers signed the Ranger Unification Treaty with the NCR Rangers at the Mojave Outpost, in which they agreed to become part of the NCR military in exchange for protection of Hoover Dam and Nevada from Caesar's Legion.

In 2277, Rangers under the command of Chief Hanlon were pivotal in turning the tide of the First Battle of Hoover Dam. In a cunning trap laid by them and NCR's 1st Recon, they lured the best fighters of Caesar's Legion into Boulder City. When enemy troops entered the city, it was blown up and the survivors were gunned down by snipers, a turning point in the battle.

By 2281, they represent the elite of the NCR, often being given dangerous or prestigious tasks, such as forming the elite bodyguard of the current President of the Republic, Aaron Kimball. The Veteran Rangers, while at first in Baja on an unknown mission, eventually relocate to the Mojave. They operate from a large number of Ranger stations across the Mojave Wasteland. General Lee Oliver, however, greatly favors the rank-and-file soldiers of the NCR military, to the point where Rangers are routinely put in harm's way in favor of Oliver's power-armored shock-troops.


The New California Republic Rangers are volunteer elite special forces renowned as much for their shrewd reconnaissance capabilities as their bravery and combat prowess.

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The Rangers are recruited from the best of the NCR military and even then, 80% do not finish training and drop out. Those that finish and are awarded the badge have proven that they are "quieter than a shadow and more ferocious than a deathclaw." Their superior training, superior weaponry and assortment of pre-War and post-War technology allows them to tip battles in NCR's favor even when a situation may see them outnumbered and outgunned. Rangers can also operate as spies and conduct police work.

The NCR Rangers operate almost entirely outside of the normal NCR army. The organization relies on the leadership of its veteran, more experienced Rangers, like Chief Hanlon. They do not follow normal military ranks and their known ranks are:

  • Ranger Recruit
  • Ranger
  • Veteran Ranger



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Various unnamed NCR Rangers make up patrols that circulate both around NCR itself and along major slave trafficking routes. They wear Combat armor and carry several high end weapons like the minigun, assault rifle, H&K CAWS, and sniper rifle. Around the NCR Capital, they can be found fighting random hostiles like super mutants and raiders, whereas on the slave routes they can be found killing slavers.


Ranger Hat

There are also unnamed NCR Rangers and Veteran Rangers present.

Relations with the outside编辑

The Rangers, especially the Veteran Rangers, have a fearsome reputation with outside factions, as well as within the regular NCR military. In the Mojave, posters can be seen of them and some NCR troopers believe they "chew nails and spit napalm."


The distinctive black ranger combat armor consists of the Desert Rangers' tradiational trench coat worn with pre-War riot armor. Ranger patrol armor is hand-manufactured in the NCR.

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In order to fulfill their objectives, they employ high end equipment (combat armor, various assault rifles, heavy weapons and even vehicles), numerous safe-houses in the wastes and unorthodox tactics. Their regular patrol armor is hand-made in the NCR, while the elite black armor used by Veteran Rangers come from pre-War LAPD design. Ranger combat helmets are old pre-War gear that have built in low-light optics, allowing for more advance night scouting and sharpshooting to assist the troopers.

Interactions with the player character编辑

Fallout 2编辑

NCR Rangers can be seen in random encounters and will usually leave the Chosen One alone, only attacking if the player is a slaver. They also appear in New California Republic. If not hostile, the Chosen One even has the option of joining the Rangers as a member.

Fallout: New Vegas编辑

The Courier can encounter Rangers throughout the Mojave, in various outposts and camps. The player can choose to help them in various quests, such as updating their radio security codes or rescuing a member from Vault 3. If the player chooses to aid the NCR, a squad of Veteran Rangers will aid in the Second Battle of Hoover Dam. Alternatively, if the player has a negative reputation with the NCR, they may send a squad of Rangers to kill the player.

Choices made in Fallout: New Vegas will change the fate of the Rangers. The ending can range from them dying to the last man or their organization being broken to them being victorious and hailed as heroes.


  • The Courier can call a Ranger in as backup through the NCR Emergency Radio, as long as the player has a good reputation with the NCR.
  • When asked about a missing Ranger, James Hsu will say that Rangers complete their missions so often that it's easy to forget they might fail.
  • Fiends are afraid of them, making comments about running away from them.


NCR Rangers first appeared in Fallout 2. They play a major role in Fallout: New Vegas and were scheduled to appear in the canceled Van Buren.



The article text comes from J.E. Sawyer's Fallout RPG and from Chris Avellone's Fallout Bible 6.


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