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Northwest Seneca Station interior
任务: Blood Ties
Murphy's Bombing Run
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Murphy and Barret

Murphy and Barret in their lab


在实验室的右边的房间里,几个具有放射性的圆桶前,有个井盖通向梅瑞斯提维修隧道。和墨菲对话可以接到一个非显式的任务“Murphy's Bombing Run”,就是他会用瓶盖收购甜麦炮弹。

Loot wise, if you're good at stealing, there is a Sawed-Off Shotgun and shotgun shells on the desk beside the round table. On a metal shelf is a locked (Very Easy) First Aid Box holding some medical supplies. In the room with the bed there is a mine box holding frag mines and beside it some Rad-X. Everything mentioned, except for the mines, is owned and should only be taken if needed (or if you're feeling lucky, punk)..


Fo3 NSS grocer exterior

The Cornucopia Fresh Groceries store

Fo3 NSS grocer interior




在完成主线任务“The Waters of Life”以后,在地铁站的西面的高架桥上会出现一个英克雷营地。营地里有1名英克雷军官和2名英克雷士兵。其中有一个装备特斯拉盔甲和导弹发射器。



  • 墨菲和巴雷特是友好的NPC,杀他们会减道德。
  • 有一个属于墨菲和巴雷特的上锁的长条箱,一开始其实是空的。当你给了墨菲一些甜麦炮弹后,里面就会有一些超级杰特。两个僵尸身上都有“墨菲的提箱钥匙”。
  • Some items and containers in Murphy's lab are owned (red) some are not. It is good to search the place for some free Chems, Ammo and other stuff.
  • This is one of the many places that Talon Company mercs and Regulators spawn, so be ready for a fight when exiting the area.
  • There is always a dead Wastelander next in the Station. How he/she died may never be known.

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  • Occasionally, the entrance to Northwest Seneca Station will freeze. If this error does not correct itself, the player may find himself locked out forever.
  • At the Enclave camp, waiting will cause three random Enclave troops to spawn. I did this while waiting for Fawkes to catch up, and suddenly came under fire. If this happens, moving will not cause the glitch to end, but looting the bodies will. This is an extremely useful source of Enclave gear and weapons. I had the Wazer Wifle equipped, unsure if this has an bearing on the bug. Also unsure if this can happen twice, so stock up on ammunition beforehand to maximise profit.
  • Outside of the station, there might be a random marker on your compass that is friendly or enemy. Upon approaching the marker, it disappears only to prove nothing's there. This may also happen around the far end of the bridge where Arefu is. (PS3 confirmed)