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Old Olney

Old Olney is a run-down and derelict town in the Capital Wasteland, which is completely overrun by Deathclaws.


Old Olney is located just east/southeast of Vault 92. It is noticeable on the Pip-Boy 3000, as it is located within a lighter rectangle along with Vault 92.

You can gain information on the location of Old Olney from the Nuka-Cola Factory located on one of the final terminals. Upon access you will obtain a note called the Quantum Distribution Details; your Pip-Boy 3000 will be updated with several locations, one being Old Olney. Although the grocery store which was referenced in the terminal was destroyed in the nuclear blast there is still a delivery truck crashed east of the town.

Entrances to Old Olney Sewer编辑

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File:Old Olney - Sewer Location.jpg

There are two entrances to the Old Olney Sewer. One is a circular sewer manhole located between two ruined buildings in the South-West corner of town.

The second is a grate "trap-door", located in the North-East corner of Old Olney, two blocks north of the fire station. Once falling inside this trap, the only exit out is a door leading to the Old Olney Sewers. You may also fast-travel from the trap, moving as close as a few blocks away by choosing "Old Olney" from your World Map. The Prototype Medic Power Armor is located in these sewers on the dead body of a Brotherhood of Steel Initiate, near 2 Mercenaries. Another member of the Brotherhood of Steel says that they did not go to recover the armor because of the deathclaws.

(NOTE: If you have fallen into the "trap", remember that you are still outside and can fast-travel to free yourself, provided there are no enemies nearby.)


No apparent history is known of Old Olney other than its status as another casualty of the Great War.


Old Olney is infested by Deathclaws. There appear to be a total of 7 of them roaming the town, although results may vary from player to player. There are also several Deathclaws occupying the Old Olney Sewers as well. The Deathclaws eventually respawn over time, so it is impossible to "clear" the town permanently.

Notable loot编辑

Old Olney itself has very little loot worth mentioning, but certain loot are located outside the town:

More useful loot worth venturing into Old Olney for are located within the Old Olney Sewer, including:

  • A Mini Nuke can be found in the eastern most room behind the very hard locked door.
  • Prototype Medic Power Armor can be found deep within the Old Olney Sewer.
  • There is a Nuka-Cola Quantum behind an ammunition box in a room with four beds in the Old Olney Sewer. It is located next to the bed with the Missle Launcher.
  • There is a copy of Duck and Cover! at a dead end in Old Olney Sewer (next to a skeleton, at the end of the tunnel past Prototype Medic Power Armor).
  • Missile Launcher in the sewers, the room with the safes on the walls and the big clock.
  • There is a Guns and Bullets book in the mailbox near the Nuka Cola truck east of the town.
  • A Fat Man lays under the clock and safes on the wall.


  • Fast-traveling to Old Olney deposits you in the middle of town, where you are likely to be immediately swarmed by Deathclaws. At least two Deathclaws patrol the alley in which you appear. It is safer to fast-travel to Vault 92 which is located immediately to the West of Old Olney.
  • If you came here in search of Nuka-Cola Quantum, you will find a note next to the skeleton of Carl Wallace, in front of the Fire House (in the southeast corner of town), giving a report that the driver of the truck shipment has crashed just east of the town, next to a gas station. Traveling east, in the direction of Chaste Acres Dairy Farm you will spot the crashed truck not far from the town and several Nuka-Cola Quantums.
  • Dave from the Republic of Dave will travel to Old Olney should he lose the Election of Dave. With the Deathclaw infestation, he almost certainly dies unless otherwise assisted by the player.
  • If Dave actually survives the trip, he will camp out in the middle of the town, next to some trash bins and dead raiders (this is right on the spot in the middle of town in which you appear if you fast-travel to Old Olney). Dave will threaten you to leave "The New Republic of Dave" if you attempt to talk to him; if you do this three times he will open fire on you. Killing him makes the remaining citizens of the Republic of Dave hostile against you and you will not incur karma loss for killing them. However, if you kill him by a sneak attack, the inhabitants of the Republic of Dave will not become hostile.
  • To the west of Old Olney after the Waters Of Life quest, there is an Enclave camp on the old broken road. As you are approaching the camp, one soldier uses flamer in the trailer. After you kill one Enclave officer and two soldiers, you can see dead wastelanders in the trailer and some purified water. According to the terminal, enclave soldiers offer the wastelanders purified water in exchange of screening if they are appropriate to their human standards or not. Non-appropriate wastelanders are slain by flame not to waste any 'resources'. Also, according to the terminal enclave soldiers search for some 'feral' creatures. These creatures must be Deathclaws, since they are near the Old Olney and it is crawling with them. The terminal says, at least two deathclaws are in the trailer. But, they are nowhere to be found. (the feral they speak of is the ghoul - the Enclave is under the impression all ghouls are feral)


  • It's recommended that you not bring Fawkes or Sergeant RL-3 or at least not together, it might freeze the game.
  • If you approach the truck with the Nuka-Cola Quantums from the North, there is a chance that you will come across wastelanders fighting a Deathclaw. If you save them, they will immediately start to pillage the Nuka Cola truck. There will be no quantums or Colas, but instead empty bottles. The easiest way to fix this is to let the wastelanders die, then kill the Deathclaw and take the Cola.
  • A dead Mercenary's body lies on the doorstep of a building on the east edge of Old Olney. He possesses two Laser Rifles; one in the game world next to his corpse and one in his inventory. This is presumably a goof. On the PS3 version there is a Laser Rifle and Stimpak next to a pool of blood (also noted on Xbox 360).

Behind the scenes编辑

Old Olney is likely named after Olney, Maryland. Olney is 6-7 miles northeast of Rockville, MD, where Bethesda Softworks is located.


Old Olney appears only in Fallout 3.

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