Paladin Toaster
Paladin Toaster
dmg/attack: 41 (52.5)
DPS: 67 (85.8)
crit dmg: 41
crit chance: x 1
Attack statistics
attacks/sec: 1.63
AP: 28
effect: +50 (84) damage against robots
+20 (33.6) damage against power armor (except NCR power armor)
Requirements & perks
skill: Unarmed 75
strength req.: 4
perks (dam.):
Lord Death
repair: Zap Gloves
item HP: 80
weight: 6
value: 6800
base id: 0015ba72

The Paladin Toaster is a weapon in Fallout: New Vegas. It is a unique version of the zap glove.


The Paladin Toaster has a black and gray casing as opposed to the Zap Glove's blue and yellow as well as green lights along the wrist instead of blue. There are three coils along each side similar to the heating coils of an actual toaster. It inflicts more damage than the Zap glove as well as bonus damage against robots and enemies wearing Power armor.



The Paladin Toaster位於Black Rock Cave. 它可以在一具被Nightkin看守的尋寶者屍體上找到


  • Despite a small energy cell being clearly visible in the glove, it does not require any ammunition.
  • The name "Paladin Toaster" stems from its ability to do bonus damage to Power Armor, which Brotherhood Paladins often wear.


Weapons zap glove

The unused icon for the Paladin Toaster

  • ps3Icon ps3 xbox360Icon xbox360 pcIcon pc The Paladin Toaster uses the icon used for the Fallout 3 version of the power fist, despite the game files containing a specific icon for this weapon.

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