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Paradise Falls
Paradise Falls loc

Paradise Falls, a converted shopping mall found in Fallout 3, is a hub for nearly all Slaver activity in the Capital Wasteland and a constant source of fear for all its denizens. Led by Eulogy Jones, who regulates the purchase and selling of slaves, Paradise Falls is populated mainly by battle-grizzled, fearless slavers who have absolutely no qualms with the profitable business of slavery. Paradise Falls is infamous for its unabated incursions into Big Town, and into Little Lamplight on rare occasions. It is implied during The Pitt, that all the slaves are taken to The Pitt. Paradise Falls is heavily guarded by its Slaver inhabitants, all of whom are armed with weapons and are not reluctant to use them. Paradise Falls is also often featured on the Daring Dashwood program on Galaxy News Radio.

Paradise Falls can be located by traveling nearly directly north from Vault 101 or Vault 106. It is north of Arefu and west of Minefield, and is recognizable from quite a distance by its most prominent landmark: a gigantic statue of a Big Boy-esque mascot holding an ice cream cone.

Gaining entrance编辑

  • The player can gain free entrance through conversation, provided Karma is low (Very Evil).
  • With a Speech check, the player can convince the guard to accept a bribe of 500 caps in return for entry.
  • Accept the Strictly Business quest and capture at least one slave.
  • Complete the Head of State quest in favor of the slavers.
  • If all else fails, the player can simply fight a path in; this will, however, turn the entire town (except for the slaves and the Brahmin) hostile. By talking to Sammy before entering the main part of the camp, you can accept the Rescue from Paradise quest.




Notable Loot编辑


According to Herbert Dashwood's computer, former slaver leaders include Penelope Chase and Harmon Jurley. Harmon Jurley was leader around 2250.


  • Slaves to whom the player has reverse-pickpocketed weapons and armor will use them. (Players having difficulty freeing Penny's friend Rory from Paradise Falls (Rescue from Paradise quest) may find this information particularly valuable).
    • Armed slaves are much better once the ammo of all their adversaries have been pickpocketed.
    • The same technique works with the whole adult slave pen except Breadbox (the old man with dementia).
    • Anyone the player brings in as a slave can also be armed and set free, though the VIPs will never talk to the player again once they get home. (Eulogy Jones and the survivors will all talk to the player as happily as they ever did.)
  • You cannot fast travel out of Paradise Falls once inside. You must manually exit.
  • Killing any of the named Slavers (e.g. Eulogy Jones) will award positive karma, as will freeing the adult slaves.
  • Clover will attack a player with positive Karma who kills Eulogy Jones; to players with negative karma, she remains communicable.
  • If a player shoots somebody in Paradise Falls, everyone (except Cutter) will turn hostile; unlike with most towns in the game, however, they will stay that way no matter how much time passes. Furthermore, the denizens will turn hostile even if you kill someone in a shop with no witnesses in the area. The Sandman perk can be used to kill sleeping slavers without turning the town hostile.
  • If a player's karma is low (evil) enough a Slaver will occasionally approach with a gift.
  • If the player kills all the Slavers, Three Dog will occasionally mention it.
  • A player with evil karma will be treated with respect by the unnamed slavers, who will say things like, "Let's grab a drink," or "You're some pretty slick shit." A player with neutral or positive karma receives comments like "You don't look like you belong here," and will be threatened with a trip to the Pen. The named slavers will treat the player the same regardless of Karma value.

Behind the scenes编辑

  • The Vault 77 jumpsuit is a reference to the Penny Arcade comic commissioned by Bethesda Studios and on display at their website.
  • Paradise Falls is the name of the setting for the movie, Up.
  • The "Ice Cream Boy" statue may be designed after the mascot for the "Big Boy" franchise of restaurants.
  • In the Paradise Falls Barracks, the glasses are set up to play beer pong on the pool table.


  • It is possible for all of the town's Slavers to go hostile for no apparent reason (none had been killed, etc.). This problem may occur if you entered Paradise Falls using your speech skill or negative karma when talking to Grouse, instead of doing the quest "Strictly Business". If you enslave just 1 of the 4 targets Grouse gives you, this issue should then be fixed. (confirmed on PC, Xbox 360)
  • Sometimes a Yao Guai can be found in the track leading up to Paradise Falls killing Grouse and the slaver at the front entrance. (confirmed Xbox 360)
  • Like the bug above, an enclave soldier may spawn near the gate to Paradise Falls. (Confirmed, PC)

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