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Plasma Rifle (Fallout 3)

The Enclave Plasma Rifle is a semi-automatic energy weapon found in Fallout 3. The Plasma Rifle uses Microfusion Cells, the same type of ammunition used by the Laser Rifle and commonly found throughout the Capital Wasteland, and can discharge up to twelve green, self-illuminated plasma bolts before requiring a reload. As of 2277, Plasma Rifles can usually be found on Enclave Soldiers wearing Tesla Power Armor, or, with Broken Steel installed at a higher level, Enclave Hellfire Armor.

Weapon Performance编辑

The plasma rifle fires projectiles that inflict potentially heavy damage at a fairly quick semi-automatic rate of fire. The plasma bolts moves at sub-sonic speeds, giving enemies the chance to dodge the plasma bolts. Because of this, the Plasma Rifle is most effective in close to medium range combat, as opposed to the Laser Rifle which is better suited to long range. Maintenance is a combination of perks and drawbacks: Like other energy weapons, it has a high maximum condition compared to small guns, but is expensive and/or difficult to repair. A Plasma rifle in poor condition (under 10%) can cost over 1000 bottle caps to repair. The plasma rifle has twice the chance of inflicting a critical hit than most other weapons, and can turn enemies into piles of green goo if the killing blow is a critical hit. Like all energy weapons, the Plasma Rifle's plasma bolt can ignite gas leaks.


Item Locations编辑

  • Fort Independence, inside a weapons armory (the key to the armory door is inside one of the foot lockers in the quarters).
  • The Citadel Laboratory.
  • Issued to any Enclave soldiers also issued Tesla Power Armor. With the Broken Steel add-on, most Enclave soldiers will have this without regard to which armor they are equipped with.
  • In Broken Steel, Brotherhood soldiers may frequently be armed with Plasma rifles, presumably captured by the Brotherhood and re-issued amongst the ranks. Officer Lepelletier is also armed with one. Some Enclave soldiers clad in Enclave Hellfire Armor may also be armed with one.
  • in Mothership Zeta, at least two Plasma Rifles can be found; one in the Weapons Lab and the Cargo Hold. These were likely taken from other abductees.


  • When fired repeatedly at point-blank range, the Plasma Rifle can cause Xbox 360 consoles to freeze.
  • Piles of Green goo created by the Plasma rifle have been known to not disappear in certain outdoor areas, and also seem to become "connected" with the next unit that respawns afterwards.
  • Occasionally, the Plasma Shots from the Plasma Rifle can pause and lock in mid-air. (360, PS3)
  • You can pick pocket the connected units with both ash and goo piles (360, PC)


The Enclave Plasma Rifle appears only in Fallout 3, replacing the P94 Plasma Rifle from previous Fallout games.

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