The companies and corporations providing the goods and services society depended upon went up in smoke when the bombs fell. Yet some remnants of pre-War industry do remain. These surviving products and facilities can have a significant impact on life in the Wasteland.

While there are a few real-world companies mentioned in Fallout (particularly weapon manufacturers), there are more than a few that are unique to the Fallout universe. Most have only brief references, but a few are known in detail.

Pre-War companies and field of activity编辑

Name Industry Country Products
A Cuppa Joe Diner United States Coffee
Abraxodyne Chemical Detergents United States Abraxo Cleaner, Food Sanitizer
Apricot Electronics United States Data Plex 2000 SmarTerminal on the oil rig, with a full 64k of RAM
Ball Aerospace Aircraft United States
BeatCo Melee weapons United States "Big Frigger" power fist
Beretta Firearms Italy 9mm M9FS Beretta, Beretta 470 Silverhawk
Big Boss Tobacco Cigarettes
Big MT Research and development United States Auto-Doc Mk IX, Cazador, Corrosive glove, Cyberhound Mk III military model, Cyberhound Mk III police model, FIDO, K9000 cyberdog gun, LAER, Night stalker, Proton axe, throwing model, Protonic inversal axe, throwing model, Robo-scorpion, Saturnite, Scientist glove, Sonic emitter, Stealth suit Mk I, Mk II, Sterilizer glove, Transportation prototype, Cloud, Walking eye, Y-17 trauma override harness
Birmingham Small Arms Company Firearms United Kingdom Lewis MKII
Blades Toiletries United States Razors
Bringham Scientific accessories United States Needler Pistol, HN Needler Cartridge, HN AP Needler Cartridge
Capitol Post Newspaper United States Newspapers
Cat's Paw Adult Entertainment (magazines) United States Cat's Paw magazines
CMR Transport United States CMR monorail train
Chryslus Motors Automotive industry United States Corvega, Highwayman
Codac Photography United States Codac R9000 photo camera
Colt Firearms United States 6520 pistol, Rangemaster
Cornucopia Fresh Groceries Groceries store United States Groceries
Dot's Diner Diner United States Food
Dunwich Borers, LLC Boring and Drilling machines United States
FN Herstal Firearms Belgium FN FAL, FN FAL (Night Sight), FN FAL HPFA, FN P90c
Franchi Firearms Italy SPAS-12
Galaxy News Radio Radio station United States Music, news, radio shows
General Atomics International Robotics, power supply United States Mister Handy, Vault 13's backup generator, worked with RobCo to make Liberty Prime
Glock (using Gaston Glock's AI simulation) Firearms Austria Glock 86 plasma pistol, Glock 86 plasma pistol extended capacity, Plasma Defender
Golden Globes Adult Entertainment United States Pornography
Greenway Hydroponics


Biology, nuclear war survival United States Nursery and Vault 29 constructor, owned by Derek Greenway
Heckler & Koch Firearms Germany MP9 10mm SMG, H&K L30 Gatling laser, H&K CAWS, H&K P90c, H&K G11, H&K G11E
Hubris Comics Comics United States Grognak the Barbarian, The Adventures of Captain Cosmos
H&H Tool Company Tools United States H&H Tools nail gun, possibly involved in the development of the PDQ-88b Securitron
IBM Electronics United States
Isla Negra Holdings Real estate, banking United States
Implied Hypnotics, Inc Non-lethal weapons United States Mesmetron
Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal Disposal United States waste disposal
Lasergrafter Plastic surgery United States
L.O.B. Enterprises Weapons research and development United States Zhu-Rong v418 Chinese pistol
Lockreed Industries Aircraft United States Fighter jet
M & M Construction Construction United States Sierra Madre Vault
Macrosoft Software United States Spreadsheets, Fenestra '98, PoseidoNet help system and Wyndoze 99
Mama Dolce's Food processing United States Food processing and distribution
Mary May Cosmetics United States Cosmetics case
Med-Tek Drug research United States Mentats, My First Infirmary

Nuka-Cola Corporation Soft drinks United States Nuka-Cola, Cherry Nuka-Cola, Classic Nuka-Cola, Nuka-Cola Quantum
NW Disposal Systems Toxic waste disposal United States
OEI Motion Pictures Recording company United States Love Sets Sail!
Pep Gas Gas stations United States Gas stations
Petró-Chico Petroleum and oil Mexican Refined oil, gasoline, gas stations
Poseidon Energy (Branches: Poseidon Oil, Poseidon Gasoline, PoseidoNet, Prometheus Coal) Energy, high technology development, mining United States Refined oil, gasoline, coal, solar power, top secret military-industrial complex enterprises
Radiation King Electronics United States TVs, radios, and computers
Red Racer Manufacturing United States Tricycles
Red Rocket Gas Gas Stations United States Gas Stations
Red Ryder Manufacturing United States BB gun
Rheinmetall AG Firearms Germany Vindicator minigun, Rheinmetall 9mm machine pistol
Ripper Electronic tools manufacturer United States Ripper Vibroblade, Ripper Vibroblade portable version
RobCo Industries Electronics United States PipBoy, Stealth Boy, protectron, Securitron, Unified Operating System, worked with General Atomics International to make Liberty Prime.
Rockwell Heavy weaponry United States CZ53 Personal minigun, Avenger minigun, CZ25 Military minigun, BigBazooka.
Royal Small Arms Factory Firearms United Kingdom XL70E3, Light support weapon, Sten gun, Bren gun
Sanders Brothers Entertainment
SharpWit, Inc. Melee weapons United States "Stallona" combat knife
SIG-Sauer Firearms Swiss-German Sig Sauer 14mm Pistol, P220 Sig Sauer
Snap-Off Tools United States Super tool kit
Stent Security Solutions Firearms United States R91 assault rifle
Super-Duper Mart Groceries United States Groceries
Sunset Sarsaparilla Corporation Soft drinks United States Sunset Sarsaparilla
Takoma Industrial Manufacturing United States Abraxo Cleaner
The Bysshe Company Energy, bio-gas United States Bio-Gas Canister
Vault-Tec Industries Nuclear fallout shelter construction, large scale development United States Vaults
Versicorps Vault power systems
Washo Detergents Box of detergent
Wattz Electronics Laser weapons, electronics United States Wattz 2000 laser rifle, Radio, cattle prod
West Tek Advanced defense, biochem and weapons research United States T-51b power armor, T-45d power armor, Forced Evolutionary Virus
Winchester Firearms United States P94 industrial-grade plasma caster, City-Killer 12 gauge combat shotgun, Widowmaker double-barreled 12 gauge shotgun.
Yuma Flats Energy Consortium


Energy weapons United States YK32 Pulse Pistol and the YK42B Pulse Rifle.

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  1. , its logo was Mr. Green - a turnip headed stick man (van Buren).
  2. reference: the Yuma Proving Grounds in Arizona, run by the U.S. Army. It has facilities to test all types of military weaponry, and is tasked in part with the development of the "21st Century Soldier".

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