Precision Gatling Laser
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Gametitle-FO3 BS

The Precision Gatling Laser is a unique Gatling Laser which is added to Fallout 3 with the Broken Steel add-on.


This Gatling Laser can be found during Who Dares Wins, the final quest in Broken Steel's main plot line, where you must assault the Enclave-controlled Adams Air Force Base. When you get into the mobile platform search for the Armory (not the one on the level you first enter), there are two entrances: One leads through the Mainframe and the other through the main deck where the Deathclaws are confined. Near the entrance from the main deck you'll see an Enclave soldier, the Armory Master, wearing Tesla Armor and a special Recon Helmet called a Composite Recon Helmet. This soldier will be carrying the Precision Gatling Laser.


The following table compares the stats of the different Gatling Lasers.

Weapon Dmg/Shot DPS Spread Crit % Mult Crit Dmg Item HP
Gatling Laser 8 80 0.5 x0.05 6 1500
Precision Gatling Laser 8 80 0.5 x0.2 6 1500
Vengeance 11 110 0.5 x0.05 12 2000

The main advantage of the Precision Gatling Laser is its higher critical chance multiplier. Its effectiveness is dependent on the character's base critical chance and whether the Better Criticals perk is chosen.


(PS3) If you use the Robotics Expert perk to turn the Sentry Bot (Fallout 3) and gun turrets against the Enclave from the Mainframe, the Armory Master will be killed. Sometimes his body will appear without the weapon. Alternatively, his body will be missing, but the weapon will be present.

Broken Steel (add-on)

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