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Reclining Groves Resort Homes
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斜林度假村 坐落在杰曼镇警察局总部北面,MDPL-13发电站西北面,是一个被核战争摧毁的度假村。





完成了主线任务“The Waters of Life”之后,在上文提到的仓库南面会出现一个英克雷营地。

Note: (Glitch) Near the location is an abandoned barn with a second floor that house ammo crates, closet and a locked footlocker (very hard). The glitch works if the enclave has already put up a post. After taking down the guards at the posting, head to the second floor of the barn and take a one hour nap. Upon the next hour, enclave will spawn again. Cycle repeats until morning. If you are able to take down these guards, you will be able to receive XP points (if you haven't already reached the cap) and Enclave Officer Uniform, Tesla Armor and Enclave Power Armor. Also, a Gatling Laser and flamer may also be in their arsenal, so be careful. In addition, Enclave soldiers may spawn without the sleep glitch. A Vertibird will land and dispatch Enclave soldiers near the ruined houses as well as Giant Radscorpion.

To the west of this location a friendly Enclave soldier can be found carrying a Missile Launcher and seems to be followed by a pack of Brahmin, if you try to talk to him he only says 'hello' and the only dialogue choice is to say 'see you'. Possibly a glitch? or a random encounter.


  • 最东面的那座住宅废墟里,也就是仓库的西面一点那一座,里面有个架子,上面有一本《垃圾镇笨小贩传奇》。
  • 在东面的仓库二楼,有一个上锁的个人提箱(开锁难度极难),内有《中国军队训练手册》一本。这个提箱归仓库里的那个拾荒者所有,如果开锁将减道德。如果拾荒者死了,则不减道德。在仓库旁边的巴士底下,有一把“拾荒者的钥匙”,可以开这个提箱,玩家可以用手雷把钥匙炸出来,或者控制台输入tcl指令,穿到巴士底下去拿。
  • 在仓库东北面的山崖上,一棵树下,在一堆锡罐中间有一本《美军:30个喷火器使用秘诀》。
  • First Aid Box is in the western most burned out house, nearest to the bridge.
  • Teddy Bear is in the house on top of the shelves, south of the house with the first aid box.
  • 在一些邮箱里能找到“避难所科技公司的来信”。It tells the resident of the corresponding home, who apparently applied for entrance to a Vault, that they were not accepted and to try to relocate to a Vault in Oklahoma or "newly-annexed" Canada.
  • Assorted bits of Power Armor, laser and plasma weapons can be found here. Being as there was a fight between 2 Giant Radsciopeds, 4 Radiers, and 2 Outcast brotherhood with a robot in tow.