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Red Racer Factory

The Red Racer Factory is an abandoned Red Racer tricycle factory in the Capital Wasteland.


The various ghouls encountered in the initial levels exhibit the curiousity of suffering from exploding heads after death, accompanying an electronic "chirp", the sound made by a mine prior to exploding (which can be confusing if the player tends to aim for the head, as the sound will be played after the enemy's death anyway, even if there is no head to explode anymore). Further exploration, particularly into the CEO Offices, reveals super mutants, also with a penchant for bursting heads after death. Eventually, a mad scientist known as "The Surgeon", armed with a missile launcher, will accost the player. Reading the various computers reveals that The Surgeon was apparently experimenting with enthralling various mutant creatures with a brain implant. It is revealed that the reason for their heads exploding was a means of cover-up, and also as a failsafe in the event that he/she loses control. The player can activate the failsafe if they have the Science skill needed to hack the computer terminals with the option, thus killing most of the creatures in the factory.

There is also a Glowing One named Stefan, who is revealed from the notes of the Surgeon to be a particularly prized thrall. On The Surgeon's body is a key that will open up two safes nearby and the cage holding Stefan, as well as a Missile Launcher and the Surgeon's Lab Coat.


The Red Racer Factory is northeast of the Nuka-Cola Plant (west of Hubris Comics). To get there, you have to travel north from the Nuka-Cola Plant until you reach Dot's Diner. From there, travel east to the factory.

Notable Loot编辑

  • A copy of Dean's Electronics is well hidden near a toolbox on top of the machinery in the first assembly room straight forward from the main entrance. This room has a Giant Teddy Bear on a tricycle hanging from the ceiling. Jump up onto the barrels to the left of the machine to get on top and find the book.
  • D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine under a bucket, on top of a large machine, next to a tool box, turpentine, ammo box and hammer at the eastern side of the factory floor - just northwest of the easternmost room. Must drop down from a catwalk onto a covered catwalk. This area is difficult to find, and you'll need to run all the way around the upstairs areas in order to reach this room. Once on the covered catwalk, it's located between two generators up a small step ladder. (One way to identify the correct room is that on the floor level there is a conveyor belt with two red lights on either side where it enters the walls.) It should be underneath a bucket.
  • You can find Nikola Tesla and You In the CEO Offices behind a locked door, as soon as you enter the Offices you turn the corner, first door to your left. It's on a shelf.
  • You can acquire The Surgeon's Lab Coat in the factory. The Surgeon is located in the CEO offices. The lab coat grants +10 Medicine and +5 Science.
  • There is a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum in the factory. It can be found in the CEO Offices inside Stefan's cage (The Surgeon's prized ghoul).

Outside: 编辑


  • In the C.E.O. offices, If you listen closely, you will hear the strange, eerie, whispers that you hear in the Virulent Underchambers in Dunwich Building. The voices say ALZHERED! and GYETH!
  • If you have triggered the quest Just for the Taste of It or aquired the Nuka-Cola formula, you will meet Goalie Ledoux and two members of his gang, Sudden-Death Overtime, just outside the Red Racer tricycle factory.
  • The Surgeon could either be a man or a woman, but this has no effect on any possible dialogue or combat.
  • Wearing the Ghoul Mask will make The Surgeon a friendly person.
  • An over sized Teddy Bear is located riding a very large tricycle suspended from the ceiling above a conveyor. Either shoot it down or jump up the barrels used to find Deans Electronics. This teddy bear is noticeably larger than normal ones, and can make a nice souvenir to keep in your house. (When you stack drop the large Teddy Bear with other smaller ones, or drop it more than once, it will turn into a normal sized, small version.)
  • Stefan is normally trapped in his cell in the CEO offices, however if the player picks up the key from looting The Surgeon's corpse then Stefan will be able to open the door.
  • The Surgeon's Lab Coat is a lab coat with a vault jumpsuit underneath.
  • The Red Racer Factory is overflowing with totally empty wooden boxes, except perhaps for the "last" one in The Surgeon's storage closet. There are also lots of metal boxes spread throughout the factory that mainly contain construction materials. Scrap Metal is especially common.
  • North of the factory, along the highway is a Random Encounter under an overpass.
  • While wearing the ghoul mask the Surgeon is friendly but when spoken to rude remarks are made.
Also while wearing the ghoul mask: if you reach the Surgeon and access his computer you can disable the "chips" implanted into the ghouls and mutants. This causes all ghouls and mutants still alive to explode.
  • On the factory floor there is a west bathroom with a couple stalls. In the stall farthest from the door the is a fire hydrant instead of the usual toilet.
  • If you hear a beep that sounds to you like a mine, don't freak out. It is only the chip in the ghouls/mutants head that just died.
  • Stefan (the unique glowing one) has a unique face, its unknown why he's important.


When using an energy weapon such as the Plasma Rifle or Laser Pistol, if a critical hit is made thus turning the creature to goo/ash, the script that calls for the head explosion (i.e., the failsafe put in by The Surgeon) will still occur, and the head will explode in chunks as though it were still there (it will explode out of the remains a few moments later). These chunks will identify as the creature you'd just killed, does not enable double looting from the same corpse. If you shoot in the heads in VATS mode, the game may freeze probably because of those built-in chips (confirmed on PS3 version, didn't happen on 360). You can get in stefan's cage without using the key, get out a melee weapon,(proven with Jack) and target him in VATS and you will attack him in the cage. be warned though this is quite useless beacause if you did not get the key you will be stuck in the cage with no way out, unless the console is used.

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