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Relay Tower KX-B8-11

Located on northeast of the Capital Wasteland, Relay Tower KX-B8-11, after turning its power source on, broadcasts Signal Oscar Zulu to the near vicinity.

To the south, you can find the Hilltop Farm Ruins which contain two more skillbooks.

Signal Oscar Zulu编辑

The signal repeats a message from Bob Anderstein that says he has taken shelter in a nearby drainage culvert with his wife and his son. He also says that his son is very sick and needs medical attention, he pleads for anyone that finds the message to help.

If you walk just a bit to the South East of the relay tower near the bottom (SW facing edge) of one of the few rocky outcrops you will see a metal tube extending, what looks like a drainage pipe.

Enter this and at the end of the tunnel you will find two doors. The one to your right contains the long-dead bodies of Mr. Anderstein and his wife. There's a first aid kit and some other random supplies. To the opposite side of the tunnel behind the other door you will find the ham radio that is broadcasting the signal, you can either turn it off or leave it on. There is also a pre-war book and a medical skill book here.

Sometimes when you play the broadcast the game will freeze and crash. (PC Version)

Notable loot编辑


  • There is a standard random encounter site on the east side of the relay tower between the fence and a nearby rock face.
  • If you stand on the gridline directly between Relay Tower KX-B8-11 and Grisly Diner and walk due north, you will come across a pile of cars stacked together to form a shelter over an outhouse and a bathtub. Next to the bathtub, in the radioactive goo, are a couple of locked ammo boxes (easy), and in the bathtub itself a Nuka-Cola Quantum.