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關於Robert House's brother see,參見Anthony House
FNV Mr House Screen
race: Human, Caucasian
gender: Male
affiliation: RobCo Industries (defunct)
New Vegas
role: De facto ruler of New Vegas
King of Diamonds
location: Preservation antechamber, Lucky 38
family: Anthony House - half-brother
mentioned in: FNVHH, FNVOWB, FNVLR
quests: Render Unto Caesar
For the Republic, Part 2
Wild Card: Change in Management
The House Always Wins (I-VIII)
All or Nothing
karma: Neutral
derived stats: Hit Points: 50
level: 2
actor: René Auberjonois
script by John Gonzalez
base id: 00125e91 (computer)
001376d0 (real)
ref id: 001264c5 (computer)
0014b095 (real)
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Gametitle-FNVGametitle-FNV OWB
Sorry to deny you a moment of primate triumph, but you'll have to go elsewhere to sound your barbaric yawp.

羅伯特˙愛德溫˙豪斯(Robert Edwin House),於2281年獨資新維加斯賭城,並自封為總裁,CEO。而最大的貢獻是創立RobCo Industries和教化原新維加斯賭場的部落。



豪斯先生生於2020年六月二十五日(現年261歲)。誕生在一個富裕的家庭,父母是內華達機體設備業的富豪。然而兩人卻死於一場奇怪的意外,死因包含一個螺旋槳和一個閃電。而他同父異母的哥哥,安東尼,騙走了他弟弟的繼承權。但豪斯仍然上大學,於馬省理工學院就讀,之後僅僅22歲便在自己的家鄉拉斯維加斯創立了Robco工業。豪斯運用強力的技術與聰明商業頭腦使之成了世界最賺錢的企業並且併購無數企業,如REPCONN 航空,新維加斯大道的Lucky 38賭場暨飯店。對於H&H可能是出於私心,但仍從他貪心的哥哥手中拿會這家族企業。(奇怪的是,他哥哥直到2070年仍保有郊外的工廠)。

做為一個極端的現實主義者,豪斯經常用數學運算世界趨勢和經濟走向,以及未來事件。到了2065年,他預測到再過十五年,世界將毀滅於核戰,而且是無可避免的。更糟糕的是,軍中的內應告訴,中國已經將七十七個彈頭對準他熱愛的拉斯維加斯。於是豪斯開始全力進行一項秘密任務,就是為了讓這城市能於這場浩劫中生還,並且讓他仍能於之後親眼看看戰後的世界。於是他計畫先用衛星連接多台主機,讓飛彈來不及飛到目的地時便失去能力。並設計出一座強力的雷射炮,就位在Lucky 38的頂樓,用來解決餘下的飛彈。為了保存自己的肉身,他採取一樣激烈的手段。他的身體永久連接在一個非常複雜的維生系統,名為"冬眠室”。並且提供任何生理需求。而他的大腦則由一台超級電腦負責連接到龐大的數據網路。而身體則是Lucky 38本身和一群武裝機器人。這時可以說豪斯已成一個裝載大腦的機器人

萬事俱備,只欠東風。最後的環節便是白金芯片。這芯片不但是把金鑰,裡面更儲存大量 資料。可以升級豪斯先生的機器人軍團和他的雷射防護工程。

這個芯片於2077年十月二十三號下午出發。不幸的是,二十個小時後,偉大戰爭即開始了。芯片因而失去蹤影。直到兩百年後,才被豪斯先生雇傭的無數淘寶家從一個叫Sunnyvale給挖出來。豪斯先生因此被迫使用較劣質的操作系統,並因遭受到無數個系統崩潰而一度陷入昏迷。直到2138年,豪斯先生方能利用較早期但穩定的版本恢復知覺。歲月的蹉跎下,到了2274年方能指揮機器軍團並從Lucky 38走出去。而他也因此發現NCR的偵查兵以經抵達胡佛大壩。為了捍衛主權,他迅速的徵求在新維加斯生活的部落(也就是之後的三大家族)的協助並重建整座城市。正好趕上NCR大軍的來臨。豪斯先生歡迎共和國的蒞臨,並且為了得到對方的幫助,雙方簽下合約。豪斯先生將幫助胡佛大壩的諸多事項並允許共和國使用McCarran機場作為他們的大本營。相對的NCR也得全權保護賭城不被入侵。



即使豪斯先生已經離不開Lucky 38,但他仍能指揮他的機器軍隊探索新維加斯。在2271到2281年間,這個the Strip的大頭目發現了21號避難所的坐標。豪斯先生不惜以巨大的賭注為代價,贏得了21號避難所,並把裡面所有有用的電子器材和設備拆走,隨後用混凝土填平了它,同時強迫居民重歸廢土和the Strip。然而,在Sarah Weintraub的堅持下,Mr. House最終允許她留在地上層,將避難所改造為一家酒店。它成為另一項收入來源(原本即以賭博為實驗的避難所自然有賭場)。




Interactions with the player character编辑

Interactions overview编辑

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Other interactions编辑

  • Mr. House plays a major role in the game. The Courier hears a lot about him while traveling, but upon reaching New Vegas they are invited by House himself to visit him in the Lucky 38. There, House gives the player vital information about Benny and the platinum chip. Also, he allows the Courier and his/her companions to use the Lucky 38's presidential suite as a safehouse.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
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  • On the shores of Lake Mead, due east of New Vegas, sits the grandiose pre-War House Resort & Country Club, the current site of the NCR's Camp Golf. Due to its name, its obvious past opulence, and the presence of a large portrait of Robert Edwin House, standing in front of a large robot resembling Liberty Prime, in its main dining hall, it may be surmised that Mr. House was a chief financier and patron of the club before the bombs fell. This portrait is reminiscent of a famous painting of Howard Hughes, who was also an avid golf player.
  • If Mr. House is disintegrated by an energy weapon, the stasis chamber disintegrates with him. The same event occurs when using a plasma weapon and its signature goo.
  • From information contained on the terminals in the H&H Tools Factory, it is gleaned that Robert House's half-brother, Anthony, used underhanded means to wrest his inherited share of the family business from him after the death of their father. It is strongly implied that Robert's later, methodical hostile takeover, coupled with McCarthyist paranoia regarding the Communist Chinese, drove Anthony House completely mad.
  • Mr. House is given the nickname "Not-At-Home" by the Omertas for his tendency to remain ostensibly neutral in Strip affairs.
  • Upon his death, the quest The House Has Gone Bust! will simultaneously trigger and fail, and the note A Tragedy Has Befallen All Mankind will appear in the player's inventory.
  • If you take Mr. House out of his stasis chamber, he will ask you why you have ruined his plans and he will react differently depending on what you tell him. If you say you did it in the name of the NCR, he will belittle them and call you a "sad, misguided whore." If you tell him you are acting on behalf of Caesar, he will be horrified that slavery is humanity's future. If you say you did it for Yes Man, he will tell you your "vanity project" is doomed for failure. If you say it was "just business", he will retort by saying that you should have worked for him for personal gain. Finally, if you say you did it just because you didn't like him, he will call you a fool for letting your feelings about him jeopardize humanity's future.
  • Robert Edwin House is one of the characters that the player must eat in order to earn the Meat of Champions perk.
  • In the G.E.C.K. there is a version of Mr. House as a human before the war, although he has no mustache and his hair is grey rather than black as it looks on his computer.
  • House cannot be targeted in V.A.T.S.
  • Due to his age and method of staying alive, Mr. House actually counts as an abomination for the Abominable challenge.
  • If you kill him using the Ranger Takedown with any kind of displacer glove, Mr. House and the stasis chamber will flip over, causing a lag or freeze.
  • Another portrait of Robert House, similar to the one in the House Resort, is found in Higgs village in the add-on Old World Blues. It was punctured by several knives, most likely by Doctor 0, who has an intense hatred for House, long before the events of Old World Blues.
  • When killed, the player loses Karma.

Notable quotes编辑

  • "Success depends on forethought, dispassionate calculation of probabilites, accounting for every stray variable."
  • "If you want to see the fate of democracies, look out the windows."
  • "I like to think you have enough sense to do the right thing. The rewards for doing so are immense... as are the punishments for not doing so."


Robert House appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes编辑

  • One of the challenges in the Gun Runner's Arsenal, A Slave Obeys, requires you to kill House with a 9-iron or Nephi's golf driver, which is a reference to Bioshock's Andrew Ryan, who suffers a similar fate.
  • In casino parlance, "the house" refers generally to the gambler's opponent, the casino itself, as in the idiom, "The house always wins."
  • Mr. House's personality is based on that of Howard Hughes. His obsession with snowglobes is a reference to another work of fiction, Orson Welles' Citizen Kane, itself based on the life of William Randolph Hearst. A snowglobe falls from the hands of the dying 'Hearst' in the beginning of the film as he utters the famously cryptic line, "Rosebud".
  • Jane, House's computer companion, is likely an allusion to the filmstar Jane Russell, who was under contract to Howard Hughes and also his lover for a time.
Icon cut content以下内容基於輻射:新維加斯刪節内容,因而不應完全作正史内容看待。
  • Mr. House had another Securitron gal named Marilyn (based on Marilyn Monroe) that was apparently cut. However, she appears alongside with Jane in a card from the deck of card of the collector version, the texture file for her "face" is still in the game's files and there's a reference to her in the G.E.C.K. Also, after meeting Mr. House, Veronica will say she's surprised he only has two robot sex slaves. This was likely meant to reference Jane and the absent Marilyn, but the line was never removed or changed.
Icon cut content關於輻射:新維加斯刪節内容的内容到此作結。


  • xbox360Icon xbox360 A medicine check of 35, gaining XP each time, can be accessed as many times as you want.
  • pcIcon pc Activating Mr. House fails to start dialogue, rendering him useless (the mainframe). This might be the result of resetting ally status of Securitrons when they are hostile due to a faction error with vault 11 robots. To fix this, enter the following commands into the console: setally 1267AB 0001B2A4, resetquest 00147885, setstage 00147885 5, setobjectivedisplayed 00147885 1, prid 001264c5, setdestroyed 0.



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