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Robot Repair Center

The Robot Repair Center is a building in Fallout 3, slightly southwest of Canterbury Commons. This building houses the Mechanist from The Superhuman Gambit.


It appears to have been a major repair center pre-war which specialized in Protectrons. The facility is divided into an office area, the Mechanist's Forge (there is an elevator leading here with a hard lock and will result in no fighting) and two repair sectors, Sector A and Sector B. Each sector is defended by, at minimum, a robot ranging from a Protectron up to a Sentry Bot and a leveled Automated Turret.

Located opposite one of the turret arrays, on a high platform, is a security console, which allows the player to trigger an 'Emergency Pulse', essentially a massive EMP blast which will immediately shut down any and all robots nearby. In order to use this pulse, the encryption key must be looted from the nearby Easy locked safe.

There is an elevator near the entrance which can be lockpicked with a skill of 75 or above, allowing entrance to the Mechanist's Forge. Otherwise, the facility is broken up into four sections: Office (left of Entrance), two Maintenance areas (Sector A and B, which are connected by a control room on the upper level) and the Forge (where the Mechanist is hiding). Sector B is closest to the entrance (metal door past the elevator), and the Forge entrance is on the upper level of Sector A. Use of the upper level entrace to the Forge requires activation of a Coffee Machine. Once the coffee machine is activated a rusty corrugated metal wall slides away revealing an intricate secret door which opens in elaborate style.

The area in front of the repair center is a possible Random Encounter location.

Notable loot编辑

  • Nikola Tesla and You book on the workshop floor in the west room just north of the door to the Mechanist's Forge. It is near conveyor belts. It is on a counter next to a tool box and hidden by a wrench.
  • Lying, Congressional Style in the Mechanist's Forge, on a desk. Note that you'll have to traverse your way through the center and enter from the door to the West in order to find it. You can not open the door to this room if you enter via the elevator.
  • Some 20 pieces of scrap metal can be found, as long as you search all the robots and all the containers. This can be traded to Walter in megaton for Experience and Caps or Karma.
  • A locked metal box (average) in the room to the left of the entrance (in the last cubicle on the left side) contains 6 Pulse Grenades. A nearby terminal will point you towards the hidden key.
  • A Nuka Grenade in the Mechanist's forge which requires 75 Lockpicking to access (Or 'Activate' the coffee Machine to open a secret wall), the grenade is located on the workbench.



After the quest "Waters of Life" a small Enclave outpost will appear just south of this position guarded by one Enclave officer and four turrets. The officer holds a key card that if held by the player, will stop the turrets from targeting the player. There is a terminal in the center of the outpost that has information on why the camp is there.

Behind the scenes编辑

  • The Snake mentioned in the Note from Frank on the Desk Terminal might be a reference to Solid Snake from the Metal Gear series, as he is said to have smuggled some Pulse Grenades into the repair center undetected.
  • Considering the Fallout lineage, however, it is at least as likely that "Snake" is a tribute to Snake Vargas, one of the default character names from Wasteland.
  • The door to the Mechanist's Forge opens as the doors close at the end of each episode of "Get Smart".


  • The system (Xbox360) locked up twice when approaching the facility in sneak mode with followers Star and Dogmeat. I had just come from the Antagonizer's lair and was carrying her suit.
  • Closing the secret door using the door gear while standing in the middle of the doorway will cause the player too be stuck inside. The only way to get out is to reload the game, as there is no way to access the door gear when stuck inside the doors. Although this editor found that going into third person mode and swirling the camera around allows you to sometimes reach the button, in the same way you loot Colonel Autumn when he 'dies' at Project Purity.
  • Sometimes when leaving the Mechenists' forge through the room with the coffee machine your follower will fall through the floor and get stuck on the conveyer belt


Robot Repair Center appears only in Fallout 3.