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Rock Creek Caverns

Rock Creek Caverns is a large disconnected metro tunnel/cavern that is inhabited by Mirelurks, Mirelurk Hunters, or Mirelurk Kings depending on the character's level. The caverns consist of a single interior section.



The entrance to Rock Creek Caverns is accessed through a sewer grate at the bottom of a crater that has exposed the sewer system, just to the west of the National Guard Depot. When coming from the direction of the National Guard Depot, there is a guaranteed encounter with two raiders and two Super Mutants wielding big guns.

Rock Creek Caverns編輯

This section is the only section in Rock Creek Caverns, but is a large section incorporating numerous tunnels and offshoots as well as brief areas of the metro system. 15 Mirelurks are scattered around the section. At point D on the local map image seen above, there is a bed that can be slept in along with a safe. At Point F there is a mercenary and wastelander corpse along with an "easy" safe, a powerfist and a few ammo boxes. Point G has a dead skeletal family and a stimpak, along with a Teddy Bear. Point E just has some dead Brahmin and dead ants along with some egg clutches.

Notable loot編輯

  • A Nuka-Cola Quantum can be found in a wooden crate at B on the local map image. To get to it, walk up the fallen stalactite at A, which rests at an angle against a wall in the first and largest chamber of Rock Creek Caverns. At its tip, jump up to where some mushrooms are located. Hugging the wall, walk on the skinny ledge around to B.
  • Point F has two laser rifles on the ground, energy cells and microfusion cells in amo boxes, and a scoped .44 magnum in a easy-level pickable safe


  • There is a random encounter where three adventurers are attacked by a Deathclaw. If you save them, one of them will give you the location to Rock Creek Caverns. Even if you just run from the (heavily injured) Deathclaw instead of helping them, you can still get the map if the main adventurer lives to talk. For more info, see Random encounters.
  • When you first enter the Rock Creek Caverns, there are a couple of grates in the sewers that bar your advance. Turning off clipping shows that there is nothing past these grates, or any special ways to get past them.
  • Behind the building directly to the south of the entrance to Rock Creek Caverns there is a scripted encounter between two Raiders, both carrying missile launchers and two leveled Super Mutants carrying either Miniguns at lower levels, or two Gatling Lasers at higher levels.


Rock Creek Caverns appears in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes編輯

  • Rock Creek Caverns gets its name from the Rock Creek Pkwy in Washington DC.