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Rockbreaker's Last Gas

Rockbreaker's Last Gas is a ruined gas station which judging by its name was one of the last stops before exiting town via the highway. It is located in the western Capital Wasteland. there is a short radio broadcast found called a CB radio conversation, and it implies the owners of the trucks were rallying here. For some, unknown reason they never left off again. Perhaps waiting for the trucker who crashed at old olney (who mysteriously died at the steps of the old town hall just before or after the nukes went off) There is not as of yet any information given on the fates of them, or where they went from here. It will probably and was liklely never meant to be known. It is located north of Everglow National Campground, south of Five Axles Rest Stop and east of Vault 87 and Broadcast Tower KT8. This area is also a random encounter area. There is also an Enclave outpost nearby if you have proceeded to that point in the main quest. If you visit before a certain point in the main story and then fast travel to this location, you'll be dropped into a swarm of Enclave troops; it's easier to travel nearby and approach on foot. The surrounding Super Mutants will engage in the battle as well.

If you first obtained the Victory Rifle in the shack nearby, you can use it to destroy the vehicle underneath the gas station tripod structure, causing an explosion that may take out some of the enclave soldiers. The rest can be picked off at your leisure easily with the rifle.

You can usually find a Nuka-Cola Quantum on top of a Nuka-Cola machine inside the fenced area. Due to movements of NPCs and creatures, it may have been knocked over.

Abandoned Shack编辑

主页面: Sniper Shack

In the abandoned shack at the top of a cliff to the west of Rockbreaker's is the 4th of the Keller Family Transcripts and the Victory Rifle which is in a (very hard) locked locker. There is also a copy of Dean's Electronics in the shack, inside a box under the work bench, as well as a copy of Guns and Bullets on a table next to a Pre-War Book. Depending on your level, up to 20 bobby pins can be found on the table next to the locker. A Stealth Boy can sometimes be found in the top shelf of the lockers. There is also a Teddy Bear in this house that is somewhat larger than normal teddy bears.

The previous owner of the shack apparently owned two 'pet' radroaches, one named Fluffy, and the other Jitters. Killing them results in no special bonuses from regular radroaches.

Upon entering the shack, if you have a follower, they will immediately kill the pet radroaches.

Bugs 编辑

  • On the PS3 entering the shack may freeze the game, causing you to be stuck loading. This also occurs on the Xbox 360 version.
  • Sometimes an Enclave Soldier can appear here before you complete The Waters of Life
  • Sometimes an Enclave Soldier will not attack you and you can talk to him.
  • Sometimes the game may freeze when fast travelling to Rockbreaker's Last Gas