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Rolling Pin
Simulated Rolling Pin

Rolling Pin is a Melee weapon that can be found in the Capital Wasteland.

Tranquility Lane version编辑

A special version exists in the simulation Tranquility Lane, with significantly higher damage. It is found on the kitchen table in the Rockwell Residence.

Killing anyone in Tranquility Lane is temporary, as talking to Betty will reset them until you activate the Chinese invasion simulator, then they are dead for good.


  • In Super Duper Mart in metal box by Refrigerator
  • In the Taft Tunnels not too far from the last door with the Brotherhood of Steel guard on a table near a plush chair.
  • In Mama Dolce's Food Distribution, top floor on a desk near Mama Dolce's Loading Yard door.
  • Found in various containers as a leveled item.
  • In L.O.B. Enterprises inside a trunk.
  • In one of the metal boxes outside Agatha's house.
  • In some cases, Walter's house in Megaton behind his bed in the metal boxes.
  • In Lucy West's house.
  • In Billy Creel's house, inside a metal box.
  • In the Wilson's mailbox in Andale.
  • In Craterside Supply on the second floor in a metal box under a smaller metal box.
  • In Wilks House at Grayditch, inside a metal box near the couch (found randomly)
  • In Canterbury Commons in a random mailbox.
  • Under Arefu, under water in a safe.
  • In Vault 87, inside a metal box behind a locked (average) door in the living quaters.
  • In Rivet City, inside of Abraham Washington's wardrobe. (Left side of the room). Can be random at times.
  • In Megaton's Common House, you can find a Rolling Pin in a Metal Box on the second floor.
  • In Megaton, In a metal box on a shelf to the left of the counter. Random spawn, almost broken. (requires further location description)
  • In Marigold Station in Doctor Lesko's lab inside a metal box. (He is part of the quest Those!)


  • It is likely, due to the rolling pin's low damage and mundane nature, that it is a gag weapon.
  • If console command/QAtestitem room is entered to retrieve the "unique" Tranquility Lane version of this weapon before entering Tranquility Lane, this weapon will immediately and permanently (Until returning to Tranquility Lane[Not Confirmed]) be equipped.

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