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Roosevelt Academy
Roosevelt Academy loc

Roosevelt Academy is a Super Mutant base located just south of Faded Pomp Estates, north of the MDPL Mass Relay Station raider hideout. It consists of three main buildings: Roosevelt Academy, Roosevelt Library, and Roosevelt Arts and Athletics Hall. Before the War, this served as the primary private school for the D.C. area. After the bombs fell, the Super Mutants came, and set up shop in the ruined buildings.

Maintenance Tunnels and Evacuation connects the three buildings via a subterranean route. The tunnels are patrolled by Centaurs and Super Mutants. There are several gas leaks throughout the complex of tunnels as well, so pay attention to where and when you are shooting. The tunnel's Library entrance is hidden underneath a trapdoor which is activated by an electrical switch on the wall.

Higher level players with Broken Steel can find Super Mutant Overlords throughout the site.

Notable Loot编辑

Maintenance Tunnels and Evacuation编辑

    • There is a copy of Pugilism Illustrated on a shelf in a room just east of the sloping sewer tunnel (with radioactive barrels to the north) that leads to Roosevelt Library.
    • There are two locked doors, both of which are very easy, leading to small rooms, each containing a captive to free and a couple of gore bags which may contain small amounts of loot. The captives can be heard crying for help.
    • There is an ammo cache on some shelving in a hallway, two of the boxes are unlocked; the third is locked (Very easy).

Roosevelt Academy编辑

    • Pugilism Illustrated in the men's bathroom near Dean Dewey's office.
    • Pre-War Book in Headmaster's Office on his desk.
    • Random pistol in the cabinet in Headmaster's Office.
    • D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine on a desk in the southeast corner of the southwest Nurse's office.
    • Locked safe (Hard) which can be lockpicked or opened by hacking the nearby terminal (Hard) - Nurse surgery opposite the Administration.
    • Ammo boxes and locked (average) cabinet on the top floor.
    • A locked (very easy) terminal in the headmaster's office, it will activate the Dean Dewey unit.
    • 14 Cherry Bombs.
      • 3 in the middle stall of the Men's Room and 3 in the left stall of the Ladies Room in the 1st level on the west side.
      • 2 on the ground by the cabinet in the Headmaster's office (SE corner, 1st level).
      • 3 in the middle stall of the Men's room near Dean Dewey's office (same restroom as the Pugilism Illustrated, East side 1st level).
      • 2 in a wooden crate in the NE corner of the eastern-most room on the 3rd floor.
      • 1 in the first locker of the last set of lockers on the right side of the main hallway
    • There is actually a 4th floor. You can reach it by heading to the room with a huge hole in the floor after the fire hose on the 3rd floor. You can cross to the door on the other side by sticking really close to the walls. Up there are some super mutants (if you have not killed them already), some ammo, and a locked cabinet with some ammo and a gun.
    • There are a lot of Stimpacks in the nurses room.

Roosevelt Arts and Athletics Hall编辑

    • Tumblers Today in top-floor office, middle of the building. It's in the office with a safe and the radio, behind 2 ammo boxes.
    • Pre-War Book in northern room on the ground floor.
    • Sheet Music Book on the stage near the music stands.
    • One of the five pairs of Sunglasses in the game is in the ladies' bathroom on a hand dryer.

Roosevelt Library编辑

    • Nuka-Cola Quantum on the desk in the main room on 1st floor.
    • 2 Stealth Boys: one on the desk, one in the ladies' bathroom on the floor to the right of the toilet.
    • Locked safe on the wall behind the desk-Very Easy, contains random loot.
    • Ammo cache near the desk. One ammo case is locked (Very Easy), two others unlocked.
    • Roosevelt Library Key looted from the super mutant inside, who wields a Minigun.

Behind the scenes编辑

  • The academy is probably named after Roosevelt High School, which is a real life school outside of Washington DC in Maryland. It is named after Eleanor Roosevelt rather than the two presidents Theodore and Franklin. Dean Dewey, the Academy's Protectron, refers to the school as Roosevelt High School when activated at the headmaster's terminal.
  • The large number of Cherry Bombs found in the restrooms is likely a reference to the classic prank of flushing fireworks down toilets to create sewage water explosions.


All versions of the game may experience a slight bug. There is an undetectable mine that can't be disarmed near a large pile of radioactive barrels in the evacuation tunnels. When the mine goes off, the gas in the area will ignite and do damage to the player. Edit: On first pass (on Xbox 360) was able to reach the "mine"; it was a grenade trip. But on multiple tries, could not reach the grenade again to disable and as noted, there was no apparent trigger. Also, after reloading a save in the tunnels, a grenade bouquet under some refridgerators may spontaneously go off, without any player interaction. because you should look for trip wire or pressure plate