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SatCom Array NN-03d

SatCom NN-03d is a satellite communications array, part of the SatCom Array in the northwest of the Capital Wasteland. It is located between Fort Constantine and the MDPL-21 Power Station. You can see it from Oasis. NN-03d has three arrays and is a Raider hangout (though there aren't too many and they aren't too heavily armed).

The Raiders occupying the SatCom array respawn after 72 hours, making this a good location for farming Raider gear or enslavements via the Mesmetron.

Array NN-03d-A and C can be entered from the ground level; B's front door is boarded up. A's entry point has a heavy population of raiders. C requires a terminal hack to get in. Arrays A and B are connected by a bridge on top of the dishes - avoid holes - watch out for the raiders on the outsides of arrays B and C. Arrays B and C are connected by a basement. Array C is locked, but can be opened with the nearby terminal (very easy). The view on top of C is breathtaking, but don't miss the two Mini Nukes on the arms of the "scarecrow" setup on the edge of the satellite dish.

The Brotherhood Outcasts have a small outpost in a corrugated steel shack just to the west of the SatCom array. This outpost is occupied by two Brotherhood Outcasts armed with Laser Rifles.

Notable Loot编辑

  • There is a copy of Pugilism Illustrated on a toilet at the bottom of NN-03d-C.
  • The aforementioned two Mini Nukes on the hands of the target dummy on top of NN-03d-C.
  • There is a Super Sledge in the room with the chessboard in NN-03d-B.
  • An Abandoned Tent just south-east of the SatCom array contains a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum next to the ham radio and a copy of Nikola Tesla and You on the bottom of the shelves.
  • Schematics - Shishkebab in the rusty, corrugated, Outcast-occupied, steel shack southwest of the array. On top of this shack there is a Nuka-Cola Quantum.
    • The Quantum can be snatched mid-air by fixing your crosshair, jumping, and pressing "use" at the apex. You may also shoot it off, or drag a crate from inside the shed for use as a step.
    • Or you can just shoot the Quantum off the roof, it will fly off and roll down the hill, then just pick it up.
  • There is a sniper rifle on a table in the first room with a ladder in NN-03d-A. Useful for nabbing the above Quantum.
  • There are 114 empty whiskey bottles scattered in NN-03d-C.


SatCom Array NN-03d-B Chessboard

Chessboard in NN-03d-B

The Chessboard

NN-03d-B has a chessboard with miniature garden gnomes as the pawns and miniature bottles of alcohol and Electron Charge Packs as the other pieces. On the board the game is two moves in. One player has moved a knight, the Electron Charge Pack, and the other player has moved a miniature garden gnome, a pawn. Now on to why the chess pieces are "stacked" on top of each other. It's just how its loaded.

  • If you remove a piece you'll see the pawns slide into their proper places and a few pieces might fall off the table. The bottles and Electron Charge Packs are simply representations of the pieces. That's why all the pawns are the same thing (the mini-gnomes).
  • A minor bug is that each of the gnome "pieces" weigh 5 (in comparison to their size), and dropping all of them together will result in stacked, full-size gnomes. If you drop them separately they stay small, but once you drop them they can't turn back to their "smaller" form.

Spork Railing

Balanced on the railing of the walkway leading to the chessboard, you will find a carefully arranged array of Sporks. They may spell out something if looked at from a certain angle. Taking or moving any of the sporks, or even walking too close to them, will cause the arrangement to crumble, with some falling onto the walkway and some all the way to the floor below.

The Giant Teddy Bear

NN-03d-B contains the giant Teddy Bear behind the boarded up hall behind the chemistry set on the ground floor. The door behind the Teddy Bear doesn't lead anywhere.

Teddy location

Location of giant bear

File:GunnerBill thebearwithin.jpg
GunnerBill bigboy 000c7190

The Prize

  • The giant bear can be accessed by using the tcl (no-clipping) console command on the PC version.
  • Once in your inventory the giant bear does however have some unique properties. If you already have bears or add more to your inventory whilst carrying the giant bear it is always dumped back at normal size. Also if you drop it once, then pick it back up again, the second time you drop it, it will shrink to the size of a normal bear! If you carry it on its own it always appears smaller than when you found it but still bigger than the average bear. The object ID for the giant bear is 000c7190.
  • If and when you do manage to retrieve the giant teddy bear, it is extremely hard to get it to sit upright in your house.

How to get the Giant Teddy Bear from SatCom Array NN 03d on the Xbox 360 [1]


  • To the Northeast of the towers is a small doorway set into the rock. When opened, the door reveals a concrete wall with the words "FUCK YOU" written on it in big green letters. On top of that door are three missiles, which are, mysteriously, balancing on the very tip of the warheads.



  • If you have Charon, Star Paladin Cross, Fawkes or Dogmeat following you, they will not follow you any further than the top of Array 'a'. When you go to walk across the bridge between the top of Array 'a' and 'b', instead of following you they will go back down into the hatch and wait for you there.
  • When fast walking here from other locations, enemies will sometimes respawn on the catwalks. It is particularly amusing to observe Deathclaws and Yao Guai appearing high up on the towers but unable to do any damage because they only have melee attacks at their disposal. This was observed on the XBox360 version.
  • With careful jumping on one of the suspended cages on the two smaller towers, you can access a hatch that will only say open/close but nothing will happen.