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SatCom Array NW-05a

SatCom NW-05a is a satellite communications array, part of the SatCom Array in the northwest of the Capital Wasteland. It is located further west of NN-03d, between Fort Constantine and the MDPL-05 Power Station.

NW-05a is populated by members of the Talon Company and a Ghoul scientist. On the scientist's body you will find three notes. The two SatCom Array Coordinates will mark the other two Satcom arrays on your map when used with the computer at the top of the tower. The third holotape will activate "Highwater Trousers", an orbital micro-nuclear weapons platform (basically a satellite armed with nuclear missiles that can hit targets on the ground) that will drop several small tactical nuclear missiles around the tower. The scientist's notes indicate that while the orbital platform's missile payload is still intact, the rotors which change the targeting position of the array need to be replaced. There does not seem to be a replacement component at any other array.

Highwater Trousers missile launch编辑

For your amusement, upload the Highwater Trousers activation code taken from the dead scientist into the nearby terminal, and at your own pace move up the ladder to the top of the dish (note that nothing will happen until you move from your spawn point). To get the best view, run East up to the top of the dish and look for eight red laser targeting strikes which are shortly followed by eight missiles.

The explosions are ten times bigger than a mini-nuke and leave no craters, but cause fairly high, quickly decreasing radiation (above 30 rads a second, near the center of impact). They can kill your followers if you station them near a location where a missile falls.

Notable loot编辑

Nearby points of interest编辑

Raider Wharf is to the west and slightly south of SatCom Array NW-05a. On top of the floating blue boat near the Wharf is a Nikola Tesla and You. Inside of it you can find a Stealth boy.

Just Southwest of the tower is an Enclave camp consisting of a sentry bot, a couple regular enclave, and a tesla enclave soldier, which can be easily located when heading toward the wharf. Nearby there are a few ghoul corpses and some minor loot.

Also to the Southwest there is a bathtub with a skeleton and a Mini Nuke in it.


  • Even though the scientist is evil (you get karma for killing her), pickpocketing still gives you negative karma. (This is not true for the PC and 360, however, you get no karma for killing her positive or negative respectively.)
  • The scientist cannot be enslaved using the Mesmetron. Instead, she will frenzy. The resulting firefight typically ends with her being gunned down.
  • One of the Talon Company sentries is on an upper catwalk that is not accessible from within the tower or by exterior ladder. The sentry gets up there by climbing the tower itself. Shooting him (VATS being the most effective) stops his climbing script, allowing you to kill him effortlessly. An alternative method to killing him is by dropping through one of the gaps in the dish, though any character doing so will incur some injury. Luckily, there are some naval cots in the building which you can sleep on to heal yourself.
  • If you have a follower, either make sure they are with you the whole time or set them to wait while inside the satellite tower or they may be killed
  • The code Highwater Trousers is another way to say 'flood pants' though no link to bombs, nuclear codes or the apocalypse were found.
  • Highwater Trousers also means pants pulled up too high, as if you were walking through water and didn't want them wet. It's an old slang term associated with nerds. Think Steve Urkel.
  • It is possible for the player to find a Yao Guai or Giant Rad Scorpion at the top of the tower, though this may just be a random enemy spawn. If the Yao Guai is present it will most likely end up hovering on the other side of the railings due to a glitch, and it is not possible for the player to push it to its death
  • It is also possible to encounter a Deathclaw stuck in the entry hallway between the exterior door and the door to the main room.
  • You can obtain Satcom Missile Launcher via console typing "player.additem 5deee 1"
  • It's also possible that the Ghoul's implied plan, to void the United States' orbital nuclear arsenal, is a reference to the canceled Van Buren project, the plot of which involved a scientist using the United States' orbital nuclear arsenal to purge the wasteland.