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SatCom Array NW-07c

SatCom Array NW-07c is a satellite communications array, part of the SatCom Array in the Capital Wasteland.


This array can be found in the far northwestern edge of the Capital Wasteland. It is due west (and across the river) from the Deathclaw Sanctuary, and northwest of the Abandoned Car Fort.


The exterior of the SatCom Array is secured by several Enclave Soldiers (2-3), an Enclave Officer, and on higher levels, an Enclave Sentry Bot. The interior, however, contains no significant threat; 3-4 Enclave Scientists will be encountered, all in fleeing mode, and a pile of Ghoul Wastelander corpses will be directly in front of a furnace (seen upon entry). Climbing the first ladder there will be one more additional Enclave Soldier (on the scaffolding), while climbing the second onto the dish will initiate a sequence where two Enclave Vertibirds fly harmlessly overhead.

If you haven't advanced far enough along the main questline, however, you may only encounter a single Enclave Soldier outside the facility. The inside will be unoccupied, and no Vertibirds will fly overhead.

This is one of three faction-controlled SatCom Arrays, the others being the Talon Company controlled SatCom Array NW-05a and the Raider controlled SatCom Array NN-03d.

Nearby Points of Interest编辑

  • An Internment Truck is located on the highway east of the tower. It contains a copy of Pugilism Illustrated among various other loot.
  • There is a copy of Duck and Cover! to the northeast, inline and halfway to SatCom Array NW-05a: Past the bridge footing with a bus next to it, under the hand of a skeleton by three ammo boxes laying near four overlapping wrecked cars.
  • Just outside to the East on the elevated highway, there is an exploded burned out wreck of a bus. This bus is a little north of the above internment truck. Inside on the floor next to a skeleton, there are 2 frag grenades.
  • On the eastern most ruined highway there is a truck which explodes as you approach as a scientist blows himself up. The scientist is/was carrying a Big Book of Science and other goodies. The truck has further loot and a bed to recover in. (Bug: Sometimes scientist does not spawn)
  • Directly under this bridge is a Mirelurk habitat. There are usually 2 Mirelurks, 2 Mirelurk Hunters and a Mirelurk King. This could be troublesome if you've wandered into them while wandering around the wasteland. However, you can easily take them out by sniping them on top of the highway. They will not notice you until you fire, but even when you do fire, they just run back and forth making easy prey. However, the Mirelurk King can still shoot his projectiles at you. So it is recommended you shoot the king first.
  • Further down the highway away from the SatCom Array is an Enclave checkpoint. Upon first approaching the checkpoint you get to see firsthand what the Enclave thinks of ghoul (or normal) citizens. Though sometimes they can be seen alive and unharmed.
  • There is a Scavenger living on the ridge just above the entrance to SatCom Array NW-07c, using the fallen down dish as a house. The scavenger can get into a fight with the Enclave units and so may be found dead between the tower and the fallen dish.
  • Two Enclave Vertibirds can be seen flying over the Satcom as you reach the top of the tower after completing the Waters of Life quest.
  • At this time there does not appear to be any way to enter the Southwestern most structure in this immediate area nor does it appear to be occupied.

Notes 编辑

  • If the ghouls inside are still alive, they will speak with a normal human voice and 'speech' instead of the usual ghoul rough voice.

  • Sometimes when you enter the building the ghouls will come alive and kill all of the Enclave inhabiting the building then turning the building into a ghoul outpost. Also sometimes the ghouls might not succeed in taking the building due to the one soldier and the scientists who may or may not fight.