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關於the Fallout demo location,參見Scrapheap


It is located south of Minefield or northeast of Vault 101, past the Potomac River. Specifically from Vault 101, on the map, it is 4 squares north and 3 squares east almost exactly. Looping along the south side of Scrapyard is an elevated railway which, along with bordering roads, puts Scrapyard in a makeshift depression. Even further south is simply geography sloping downwards into the river basin. The Scrapyard can be entered through several breaches in the southwest, west, or north sides or through multiple gates on the south side.


  • When initially entering Scrapyard, Dogmeat, a companion, can be found fighting Raiders towards the northeastern corner. You will hear gunfire as you near this location. There will be at least 3 Raiders that Dogmeat is fighting, as well as a dead Scavenger, presumably Dogmeat's former owner.
  • Scrapyard has several radioactive pools that can easily be avoided and a myriad of vehicles to crawl around on, but appears to be empty of any particularly useful items. There is a locked shed in the scrapyard that requires a key to open. As desolate and quiet as the Scrapyard is, it is highly recommended not to do any sort of combat or weapons testing here. There are cars that will make almost the entire scrapyard a fireworks show. Pyromaniacs are advised to keep their distance when firing on the cars.
  • After level 10, there is a default battle when fast traveling to scrapyard. This is usually Enclave Soldiers, Wild Brahmin, Talon Company mercs, or, with Broken Steel downloaded, enclave hellfire soldiers. The fight regenerated every 3 days.
  • In the NW part of the SCRAPYARD is a husk of a tour bus next to a red
        box car. Inside is a ammo crate with [GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN], [GUNS AND

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Scrapyard appears only in Fallout 3


  • If Fawkes is taken into the scrapyard he may become stuck in the wreck of a bus upon leaving the scrapyard. This can be avoided by telling him to wait outside, fast-travelling to another location or shooting him, causing him to leave your party. Fawkes can also become stuck between two cars.(this is very hard to do) . The result is that Fawkes will thrash around,and eventually cause him to shoot up into the air and die upon hitting the ground.