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Seward Square

Seward Square is the section of Washington, DC where Reilly's Rangers' Compound is located.

Location 编辑

Seward Square is reached through the Metro. It can be reached most easily from Anacostia (Rivet City) through Anacostia Crossing Station. It can also be accessed through The Capitol Building from The Mall. A battle between Talon Company mercs and Super Mutants may be taking place, with exploding cars in the crossfire. To the east near the train station is also the location of a random Enclave encounter with a horde of mutants.

Points of Interest 编辑

  • The Capitol Building in the west, near Seward Sq. Northwest map marker. This entrace to the capitol building is also the fastest way to reach the Presidential Metro train to return to Adams Air Force Base, all you have to do is enter through the seward square Capitol Building entrance and go through the door to the right and the train is right there (Presidential Metro and Adams Air Force Base only available with Broken Steel add-on.).
  • An Office Building near the Penn. Ave/Seward Sq. Metro.
  • A skybridge east of the Capitol Building (and accessible via the office building) houses a switch which will call in artillery to be fired across the square. This provides a way to take out some of the warring Talon Mercenaries and Super Mutants. A sniper guards the switch.
  • If you have Broken Steel expansion installed, a small sandbag fort with additional Talon Company Mercs will appear in Seward Square Northwest, East side against a building, across the battlefield where Super-Mutants and Talon Company fight it out outside the Capitol Building back (East) entrance. A few loot items such as cherry bombs, 2 ammo cases, 2 medkits, suitcase etc., and a new holotape log titled "Talon Company Merc Log #1" on a shelf next to a medkit. The log talks about Talon Company developments after the purifier was activated. There is also a chance that an Enclave Vertibird will fly over the battlefield, dropping several Mini-Nukes and killing most of the mercs and mutants.

Unmarked quest: The Preacher 编辑

主页面: The Preacher

There is a mad preacher ("Wastelander") standing on the second floor of a building in an alleyway west of the Reilly's Rangers headquarters entrance (B). The alley has been rigged with mines and nukes that he detonates if you try to get close to him.

Notable loot编辑

  • Pulowski Preservation Shelter with Lying, Congressional Style near The Capitol Building (A).
  • There is a safe (average lock) with a random goodies in the truck at the corner of 5th and Independence.
  • If you manage to kill the mad preacher before he detonates the explosives, there should several Mini-nukes and Frag mines to collect in the area below him. The mini-nukes are in crevices in the rocks next to the Mad Preacher's building, on the merry-go-round ahead on the left, in a shopping cart, and in two barrels on the right of the south entrance(opposite the merry-go-round). The frag mines are inactive, since they're hooked to the detonator device, and upon the Mad Preacher's death can be picked up without fear.
  • There is a truck at the far SE corner of the area with two Ammo boxes and two first aid kits (one locked easy) and a bed to sleep. Be careful as there is a baby carriage trap next to the bed.

Behind the scenes编辑

  • Seward Square is likely referencing Seward Square Park in the Washington, DC area.