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The Southwest Commonwealth was one of the thirteen commonwealths of the pre-War United States of America. Created in the early 21st century, it was comprised of the former states of Southern California, Nevada and Hawaii.

Mojave Wasteland编辑

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The Mojave Wasteland is a wasteland that comprises South Nevada. The Mojave Wasteland is having power struggles between the NCR invaders, Caesar's Legion tribals, and Mr. House. The Hoover Dam and New Vegas Strip are the main interests and concerns. Drug running and gang life is rampant in the area, as well as runaway creatures and hostile wildlife.

Core Region编辑

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The Core Region is a wasteland that comprises North Nevada, California and little part of South Oregon.

Known places编辑

Southern California Wasteland编辑

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Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout: New Vegas take place in the former Southwest Commonwealth. The canceled Van Buren was to feature places in this commonwealth as well.