Tepid sewer
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Tepid sewer exterior
connects to:
出口 Georgetown West
Anchorage Memorial (Tepid Sewer map marker)
cell name: TepidSewer01
ref id: 0001BC9A

The tepid sewer is an underground location between the Anchorage Memorial (close to Dukov's Place) and Georgetown, inhabited by mole rats and raiders.


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Notable loot编辑

  • Dean's Electronics when you first enter the subway area from the south. Deal with 3 raiders (1 behind sandbags, other 2 in corridor), enter the corridor, turn left, and enter the small room on your left. The book will be on the right corner behind toolbox (near ‘generator’) (A).
  • Be careful when coming up to the raider's hideout. There are several mines scattered on the tracks, so either shoot them and possibly cause damage to one of the raiders or disarm them and keep them for yourself.
  • There is a safe with some worthwhile loot amongst the raiders (B). You must either loot Rocksalt's key off Rocksalt(C), or pick the lock to open it. It is in the sleeping room of the raiders. Rocksalt's key also opens up a storage room further on in the area. There is also a pre-War book on top of the bookcase.
  • There is a power fist in the terminal storage room, in a metal box (D). In a wooden crate with some burned books is also another pre-War book.
  • There is a workbench in the top right room on the local map, along with tools, scrap metal, and junk.


The tepid sewer only appears in Fallout 3.


  • xbox360Icon xbox360 There is a rare bug that when you unlock the door using Rocksalt's key and open the door there will still be a barrier like the door was never opened in the first place. The only way to fix is reload a previous save.
  • Another glitch is when Rocksalt's raiders kill the mole rats, a spurt of blood may appear where they were killed and continues to shoot blood. Found in the room with the generator.
  • ps3Icon ps3 xbox360Icon xbox360 If you complete the quest then steal the Repellent Stick (hidden upstairs in Moira's shop) it will be irremovable as it still counts as a quest item but will not weigh anything. You can use it as a weapon but it cannot be dropped and will not appear in your inventory when checking in a container or a shop.
  • xbox360Icon xbox360 After entering the Tepid Sewers an Enclave deathclaw will immediately spawn in front of you, then die in a matter of seconds. This is possibly somehow connected with the deathclaw control scrambler which basically turns Enclave deathclaws into short-term followers.
  • xbox360Icon xbox360 Once you go into the sewer it's possible you won't be able to get back out due to a door lock glitch.